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Rock Painting Rocks!

Looking for easy, low cost activities for children can be challenging, but those who live near the water will find a good supply of rocks for rock painting!


This activity is easy to organize, and fun to do. The biggest challenge is finding decent rocks to paint. The best are smooth and have at least one flat side.

Creek beds, ocean and lake shores are the best places to find appropriate rocks because the water action prepares them perfectly! Give each child an empty plastic sand bucket and spend an afternoon wading along the shoreline, letting each child seek and choose their favorite stones for this activity. Make sure to pick up some pebbles also; they make great ears and noses on pet rocks.

After you find an ample supply of eligible rocks they will need a thorough scrubbing to get any dirt off. A bucket of water and some old toothbrushes will get the job done and keep your little ones busy for another afternoon. The rocks should then be left to dry in the sun or overnight.

When you shop for paints, choose acrylic paints that have a variety of bright colors. You can find sets with small containers of each color.

Make sure to also buy some night glow paint! Select a set of brushes that comes with various sizes so details can be painted on the rocks.

Children are creative and love to plan their own designs for their rocks. Provide pencils and paper to get their ideas organized. Brainstorm ideas for Pet Rocks, suggesting lady bugs, dogs and pigs and fish.

Once your children are ready to begin, let them use the craft glue to fasten on any appendages, like a button for a nose and the small pebbles you found at the beach for ears. These need to dry overnight again.

An old shirt and shorts are good attire for painting day. Get out the paints, and let the children get into this activity!

Now is the time to use that night glow paint to make those rock eyes pop!  After the rock pets are completed, your youngsters will enjoy making paper weights for mom and dad to take to the office, and memory rocks for grandma and grandpa.


Don’t forget to have them add their names and dates to memorialize their creations. It won’t take long for each bucket to be emptied and the finished rocks lined up on newspaper to dry.

After another overnight of drying, the rocks will be ready to be sprayed with a good acrylic clear coat which will seal the paint and bring out the colors.

The only hard part will be finding enough recipients for the collection of rock gifts your children have completed!!

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