Mommy Makeover

As the popularity of plastic and cosmetic surgery continues to increase most of the US, one procedure in particular is on the rise at a particularly fast rate. More and more women are turning to the ‘mommy makeover’ after having a baby in the hopes of losing the weight gained during pregnancy without the effort of strict dieting.

Usually a mommy makeover surgery will involve a handful of regular procedures, all of which are designed to combat the most common physical side effects of pregnancy. Breast lifts, reductions, liposuction, tummy tucks, along with some other procedures can all be included.

Does the Surgery Work?

There seem to be many, many women who are extremely happy with the results of their procedure/s. The before and after photos and video testimonials freely available online do seem to be very positive too.

It is worth noting that these are largely made available from extremely reputable and well known surgeons – usually among the top rated and most highly respected in their local areas.

As will surgery of all kind there are definitely some worrying stories to be found if you look around, however if you’re willing to pay for a proven expert with a solid track record and happy clients then you shouldn’t expect to find yourself among these!

Many surgeons actually specialize in these procedures and not much else. Check out this website for an example.

Areas of the Body

The areas which seem to suffer most from pregnancy for most women are the breasts, hips and stomach. It is very common to see excess skin, stubborn fat and stretch marks appearing in these places.

These cannot always be dealt with through calorie counting or exercise, which very often leave women feeling very frustrated that their efforts and dedication to get back into shape are not delivering the kinds of results they expected.

Who Should Choose Surgery?

There are a couple of basic requirements to keep in mind when deciding whether a mommy makeover would be a good choice for you:


You will need to undergo an examination to ensure you’re in a good state of general health before having surgery of this kind. The requirements will vary depending on the exact procedure/s you’d like.


You’ll definitely want to ensure you can afford a quality surgeon who is proven to be able to achieve the kinds of results you’re looking for. Costs for a comprehensive surgery can be $10,000 – $15,000 in total; and in some cases a lot more.

The actual surgeon you choose will have a big effect on the overall cost, but don’t be tempted to choose a cheap option!

Future Pregnancy: It is usually a good idea to waiting until you’ve given birth to your final baby undergoing a mommy makeover.

The results are always going to be better if you wait, and it is common for surgeons to advise postponing until you’re sure you do not want to get pregnant again in the future.


It is very important to be realistic about the kinds of results you expect after your procedure is complete. Results will obviously vary greatly between women, so be sure to speak in depth with various surgeons about what they are able to achieve for you.

Walk into surgery with both eyes open and a very good understanding of you’ll realistically look like afterwards.

Overall, surgery can be a viable option for many women wanting to recover from pregnancy as quickly as possible – especially in the physical sense. It should of course be combined with a healthy lifestyle in general, good nutrition and regular exercise if possible.

Be sure to do your research, consult with other women and decide if ultimately a procedure will be your best choice and one you’ll be happy with for years to come.