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Reasons Why Your Plastic Surgeon May Not Okay Your Request

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So not all plastic surgeon may trying to be gluttonous over patient’s money. Decent surgeons may also have the will to turn you down if I may say. These may happen due to so many reasons that your doctor may deem necessary for your own good or for your own safety.

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Cosmetic facial plastic surgery all over the world has gone into unprecedented heights and it soars higher than any statistics have. IT is even an open issue that many are so easy to accept it in some countries in the world like Korea and China. Though in some countries, getting a nose lift, an implant or a liposuction may be kept a secret, many still are very open about it and about these positive benefits.

How Your Surgeon Decides

Your surgeon may turn you down for a number of reasons. But all in all, these reasons are for your own good. And hey, these surgeons know what they are saying so you should know better to contradict them.

Most often, this happens after the evaluation, after your request or after a thorough talk with your surgeon.

Here are some reasons why they may be rejecting you or turn you down.

1. Unrealistic expectations. Some may want a perfect body or a very flawless skin as part of their demands. Or some may ask their surgeon to look younger in just a single treatment.

That would be unrealistic and may be demanding too much that is achievable. Surgeons would often advise patients to have some realistic goals, first in order not to get disappointed and two in order not to botch up the whole procedure.

2. You want to clone somebody. Most surgeons avoid this kind of request because most often standards are set as high as those of a movie star. You may want Angelina’s lips, but you can’t have them perfectly. OR it may look good on you either. Surgeons advices that what you have should only be enhanced, not removed and be replaced.

3. To get ahead of somebody. A new nose doesn’t score you points. It’s how you carry it for your advantage.

4. Minor flaw. Many patients try to approach surgeon to do some major surgery due to a minor flaw. But these flaws as may even be nonexistent that surgeons will reject you for it. Most of the patients who are very mindful of minor flaws are those who have very high expectations and are often not satisfied even with superb results.

5. Trying to achieve the –est. you want it to be the biggest, the smallest, and the highest. But this seemed wrong. You can’t go on sporting an 800cc implants if you stand below 5 feet. You can pile your face with a very tall nose if you have a very small face.

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Most often, requests that got turned down are those that sound preposterous. Keeping expectations achievable are good ways to do any treatment. And some times, your surgeon may also turn you down if he or she isn’t licensed for the requested procedure too. Say thank you to these honest doctors.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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