Urine Color

A lot of times most people have expressed their concerns about the sudden change in the color of their urine , Ideally, urine colors should be anything like mild yellow or totally clear – but some people’s urine color have totally changed.

In as much as this could mean that the person is having serious health challenges – it could also be due to some other non health factors.

There are definitely some few reasons why urine colors could suddenly change from mild yellow to maybe green, blue or even darker yellow.

WARNING: However, as soon as your urine color suddenly changes, it is much safer to contact a professional health care practitioner to assess your case so you can be sure as to why there is a change in the color of your urine.

Naturally, our kidney is like the processing machine that takes care of all what we take in as food or fluid, the kidneys’ job is to process & distribute or discharge what’s not necessary for the body.

As soon as it takes out the useful parts, it has to separate the part that needs to go and converts it to fluid which thereby turns into urine eventually.

So basically whatever you take in, would normally go through your digestive system, way down into your circulatory system & finally into the kidney so as to get it filtered.

So the job of the kidney therefore would be to get rid of all the wastes & extra fluid that is not really needed.

This would go through the ureter (the tube that connects the kidney to the bladder). This will then be finally emptied by the bladder through the urethra, which is the tube your urine passes through.

When urine colors are a bit darker than the usual, it’s mostly a sign of dehydration – insufficient fluids in the body to help keep the body hydrated.

It could also mean that there is way too much or excess waste circulating through the body that needs to go out. Which could be a dangerous sign.  An instance is, when urine color becomes dark brown, it could indicate that the individual has liver disease.

Reddish or bloody urine color is another problem indicator, this could mean the person has injury in their kidney and quick medical attention needs to be taken as fast as possible to avoid possibly more damage to the person’s health.

There are basically many more possible cause why someone’s urine could change its color. Below are a few possible reasons.

  • kidney cancer
  • Malaria
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Porphyria’s
  • thalassemia
  • Side effects of blood-thinning medications
  • Bladder or kidney stones

Whatever the cause might be, it is indeed safe to get in touch with a professional health care practitioner who has better knowledge & can run some diagnostic test to define what the real cause of urine color change may indicate.

You should also know that excessive or very strenuous exercises can also make the color r of your urine darker, meaning that, strenuous exercise injures your muscles and would eventually cause your body to release all excessive fluids, the result of this could make your urine color to turn pink or sometimes cola-colored.

In the case where drugs are the cause of urine color change – Most people who consume mostly herbal medicines have attested to this. They mentioned that after consuming certain herbal supplements either in form of syrup or capsules, they’ll often notice change in their urine color.

They’ll often start to notice the changes in just few hours after they have taken the drug. And this could actually remain like that for days, weeks or sometimes return to normalcy within 12 hours or more.

A drug like “TRE-EN-EN” made by GNLD International. (A nutritional supplement multi-level network marketing company) has been known to turn urine color to greenish color – But in the long run however, the individual(s) urine color might return to its original state even while they are still consuming the drug.

But some people may experience this continuous until the medicine has been stopped or discontinued.

Although it is not known whether this is a good or bad sign – The Company hasn’t publicly stated anything concerning this yet (or none that we know of yet).

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