People do not usually understand the importance of lawyers such as a personal injury or drowning lawyer until they need one. When you need compensation for a serious injury, you will understand how a lawyer can make a big difference in your life.

If you have suffered injury at the hands of a negligent healthcare provider, you need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer. Here are the most important reasons you need to hire a medical malpractice attorney:

Handling of Paperwork

If you have ever taken the time to read a legal document, then you know that legal jargon is a different language. When involved in a medical malpractice case, you will have to deal with never-ending paperwork and you need to respond to it. If you hire a qualified lawyer, he will understand the legal jargon and respond to it in a timely manner.

Avoiding Mistakes

You are more likely to make mistakes if you do not know much about the process of claim filing. When handling a medical claim that can help you to pay your medical bills and lost wages, mistakes can be very costly. If you need compensation for injuries, learning on the job is not an option.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

The most intimidating part about filing a malpractice claim is talking to the insurance company. Most people have no idea when to speak to insurance companies or what to say when they do. A medical malpractice lawyer will be in charge of corresponding with insurance companies and will know what to say.

Knowing the Value of a Claim

Without knowing what to expect, you might go into the claim filing process with unrealistic expectations. An attorney who has been through this process many times will know what to expect and can argue the best settlement for your needs. Moreover, he will tell you what to expect from the beginning to avoid nasty surprises.

Expediting the Process

A good lawyer knows that time is not on your side and will do his best to speed up the process. Your malpractice lawyer will keep your case moving forward to ensure that you get a result within the expected period. When you choose to represent yourself, the case will take much longer than necessary because you will be learning as you go.

Negotiating the Best Settlement

Aside from knowing the worth of a claim, a malpractice lawyer is also skilled at negotiating. In most cases, the reputation of an attorney will speak for itself, which makes it possible for him to negotiate the most favorable settlement for you.

An insurance company lawyer cannot intimidate a malpractice attorney into accepting a low settlement. Hiring a medical malpractice lawyer will work in your favor and give you the best settlement for your needs.

Sparing Your Time

The processes that you need to go through to file a malpractice claim are time consuming: drafting the necessary paperwork, building the claim, and talking to expert witnesses. If you have not done it before, you should also consider the time it will take to research each step. When you hire a lawyer to do the work, you will free up your time and use it to focus on your recovery.

Arguing before a Judge/Jury

In most malpractice claims, the case needs to be made before a jury or judge. Your claim’s success hinges on your ability to argue the case. A lawyer has more experiencing in representing clients and will do a better job of it. When you hire a lawyer, he will build a case to reflect your needs in front of the judge or jury.

Tapping Resources

When you hire a lawyer, you will also benefit from his connections. Whether it is finding a physician who understands your case or consulting field experts, a medical malpractice lawyer knows the right people. This means that your chances of a successful claim will increase when you hire a good attorney.

Having Someone in Your Corner

Some people do not have a strong support system that will be there for them throughout the injury claim process. However, lawyers are a constant and they have to be there for you. They will offer advice and support until the case ends.


The above reasons should be more than enough to convince you to hire a medical malpractice lawyer. Before you hire a lawyer, make sure that you feel comfortable around him. Take advantage of free consultations to get to know more about potential lawyers before you choose one.