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Reasons for Same-sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is one of the most controversial issues in the world today. Over the years, marriage has been accepted as the union between two people, preferably, the opposite sex.

In most cultures across the globe, same-sex marriage is seen as a formidable act, disdain, it is totally forbidden.

However, same-sex marriage is gradually gaining grounds, as they have become vocal in fighting for their right to marry.

Although, a vast majority of the world’s populace believe that same-sex marriage will hurt society. Same-sex activist claims it’s against human right to prohibit them from getting married.

Same-sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is a civil right. Yes, the definition of marriage is the union between one man and one woman, but explanations can be updated, your right as a citizen did not constrain you to get married, neither should it to deciding the sex to get married to.

This has made the concept of marriage to change over time; the world has evolved, let marriage concept develop too. Just as opposite-sex marriage has reasons for its creation so does same-sex marriage.

It might sound weird from just looking at the surface of it, knowing the rights will convince you to accept same-sex marriage.

Here are some reasons:

1. The decrease in the divorce rate

There have been a high level of divorce from the opposite sex marriage. Same sex marriage will actually increase the marriage rate, but there will be a decrease in separation since there is more compatibility.

2. Marriage is a union of love

Marriage is a human right, and it was an institution created to celebrate love among partners in front of everybody else. Supporting it will help maintain its meaning and the purpose for which it was designed.

3. It’s not only for procreation

Marriage is not only for procreation if not infertile couples or couples who do not wish to have children will be prevented from marrying. The ability of desire to create offspring has never been a qualification for marriage.

4. Increase adoption

Adoption agencies discriminate against unmarried people adopting children. An increase in same-sex marriage is an increase in the rate of adoption since obviously, they can’t procreate. It reduces the number of children that will be orphans and gives them the opportunity of having parents.

5. Marriage is a fundamental human right

Marriage is a fundamental human right, and an individual personal choice or the state should not interfere with same-sex couples who choose to marry.

Others include:

  • Same-sex couples can teach heterosexual couples how couples in relationships lacking gender-based power dynamics can solve problems and make decisions with more respect and mutuality.
  • There is perceived family stability from Same sex marriage, unlike heterosexual marriages.
  • Making active human connection is good for physical and mental health.
  • Ending discrimination enhances the human spirit and makes all our lives better.
  • Same-sex marriage can bring financial gain to federal, state and local governments and can boost the economy. Government revenue from marriage comes from marriage licenses, higher income taxes in some cases (marriage penalty). Same-sex marriage can increase the government’s revenue.
  • Same-sex marriage is as good as heterosexual marriage, and it does not affect whatsoever on society. It should be encouraged.
Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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