Reason Why You Should Have MakeUp Sex

A healthy relationship between two partners is sure to have its down times. You can’t be in a relationship and not have reasons to fight or yell at each other, but it doesn’t mean love is lost between you two.

People in relationships have had reasons to have significant misunderstandings of various kinds and on different degrees but have managed always to find ways to settle their differences.

You would hear people’s reasons to get angry at the significant other go like; “he forgets our wedding anniversary,” “she uploaded her ex’s pictures on her social platform on his birthday and got you mad with jealousy” or “he never does the dishes and doesn’t attend to his laundry for weeks.” The thing is, couples always have things to fight about no matter how mature they both claim to be.

One of the most common ways of settling a dispute between partners is sex. This ancient exercise is still practised till date by individuals who seek to make peace and love with each other.

Neighbours would hear couples fighting this minute and the next, they change the atmosphere with the sound of moans and sweet groans. The man who was seen getting angry an hour ago comes out with just his shorts, happier than ever, and you wonder, what is it about the sex that changed everything? Here are reasons why is makeup sex good?

Relives tension:


There is an exchange of words when couples quarrel, sometimes, this words could be abusive and aggressive and can spark intense tension between partners. Makeup sex is a sure way to relieve this tension and stress. They both shift the attention of resenting each other to sexually pleasuring each other, and this does a great job at relaxing their bodies, hence eliminating any form of tension between couples.

Strengthen couple’s bond:

Partners who have spent a considerable amount of time yelling at each other, but resolve to make up sex, tend to see how silly being nasty at each is. The level of intimacy at the point of physical contact serves as a lesson to both individuals and also make them understand why they didn’t need to be antsy before ripping each other’s clothes off in the first place.

Assurance that your spouse is still into you:

No matter how angry you and your partner get with each other, makeup sex is proof that your relationship has survived the anger. The physical intimacy gives you and your partner the assurance that you are stable, no matter what comes between you two. Makeup sex is still considered the best kind of sex yet.

Controls anger:

Makeup sex can effectively calm couples who are just a few seconds away from blowing their gaskets.

Anger is one of the leading causes of most breakups, especially among young couples that can’t control the way they get angry. There is no doubt that most relationships can be redeemed if partners can distract themselves enough to be intimate despite their anger.


What do women really want? That question hasn’t been answered yet but bear in mind that women naturally want attention in various forms when they throw an unnecessary tantrum. They could pick on the flimsiest excuse to fight with you, and when you don’t give them the attention they so desire, all hell breaks loose. They would scratch, bite and tear you to bites if you don’t get the cue.

You would be doing yourself a big favour by pulling her close and hugging her. Go all the way and strip her naked. By doing this, you are letting her know you heard her loud and clear. A cherry on the icing.

Natural Aphrodisiac:

Some individuals get turned on by the weirdest things. The flow of adrenaline in the bloodstream when yelling at your partner might just be the natural Viagra you need to ignite a good sex scenario that you both couldn’t manage when you both were mellow.

Makeup sex keeps you wanting more and more, unlike when there was nothing to fight for. Couples sometimes forget the reason why they had any fight in the first place, and it sometimes seems that all they needed was just to blow off steam, and it feels more beautiful doing it together.

However, partners must note that makeup sex is risky when the fight is taken too serious because it may get violent when quarrels are blown out of proportion and may result in domestic violence. It isn’t mandatory that sex must be immediately initiated. Sometimes, space to cool off is needed for makeup sex to be achieved. So, what do you think? Why not get the bed rocking instead of piling up the fights.

Oluwafemi Michael
Oluwafemi Michael is an online Mental Health Therapist, Advocate for Mental Health Awareness, a programmer, and also a content creator from Edo state, Akoko-Edo LG.

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