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Quit Day: How to Keep Your Nerve

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We don’t need to tell you about the perils of smoking. This is something that has been documented for years, with the authorities desperately trying to reduce the number of smokers in a bid to relieve pressure on health services.

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Unfortunately, once you start, it can become very difficult to stop. In other words, it’s a tough thing to do – and a lot of people fail at the first hurdle.

That first hurdle is of course day one of your quit journey. This is what today’s guide is going to focus on, as we turn to some hard and fast tips that can make the day go a little easier.

You might need an alternative

As we all know, vaping has become something of a big deal over the last few years – and it’s for a very good reason. After all, this is something that slashes the health risks that are usually attached to smoking.

While some of you may wish to give up all forms of smoking for good, a start can be turn to vaping. There are now countless vape flavours that are available and these can make your journey much easier than if you were to just go cold turkey.

Similar rules apply with gum, pens and anything else you can find

Something that you might have noticed with our first suggestion that it is attempting to divert you away from cigarettes via “something else”.

In truth, this “something else” can be anything. Some people find that chewing gum is enough of a distraction for their mouth to avoid smoking, while others will look to twiddling a pen all day. Again, it’s about keeping your hands and mouth busy and ultimately, resisting the urge to pick up a cigarette.

What is your smoking trigger?

Something else that can help you along your way is finding out what your smoking trigger is. We all have them – a certain action which tends to prompt us to pick up a cigarette.

Sometimes, this is stress-related activities, while on other occasions it might be purely related to your habits and you automatically pick up a cigarette at 3pm.

Regardless, take action to quash these triggers. It might be by putting yourself in areas which strictly don’t allow smoking, or just identifying events that trigger a cigarette and eradicating them from your day.

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It’s all about positivity

Finally, there will be one point in the day where it all seems to get too much. Your cravings will start to get the better of you, and this is the real test.

Ultimately, you need to stay as positive as possible. If you know that a stressful day is on the agenda, then attempting to quit on that day might not be your best idea.

However, as is the case with most of us, we are constantly met with everyday life stresses so try and take this on board, and not give up with your journey.

Quit Smoking
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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