Cosmetic Surgery Trends

When you undergo cosmetic surgery of any kind, there is no guarantee whatsoever that it will lead to a happier and more joyous life. But we have definitely seen many proven psychological and emotional benefits to this practice.

For many prior plastic surgery patients, they ultimately looked at their experience as a positive one. And many of these individuals really loved their new body image and felt that it helped them live a better, more joyful existence. With that said, we’d like to dive headfirst into the emotional and psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery right now.

If you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery for any reason, it would be a good idea to pay attention to the benefits being shared with you today.

Improving Your Body Image

The ultimate goal of cosmetic surgery is to change one or more aspects of your physical appearance. At the end of the day, plastic surgeons do this to enhance a person’s appearance so that their physical body meets their emotional expectations.

In many instances, the person getting plastic surgery might feel that they have a particular flaw that they’d like corrected. From an outsider’s perspective, this so-called flaw might not seem like a big deal at all. They might believe that there really isn’t a flaw that needs to be corrected.
Here’s the thing…

Each person needs to live with their physical appearance. They need to be happy with their body image in order to live a good life.

So, if you perceive to have a physical flaw that bothers you, it’s certainly makes sense to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon to find out if he or she will be able to correct the perceived problem. Likewise, if you had symptoms like low energy levels, lack of concentration, inability to focus, etc., you would seek out a solution. In that case, an Adrafinil review may get you going again, but if it didn’t resolve itself, you would seek a medical opinion.

Remember, you are the only person that needs to be happy with your physical and personal appearance. Other people’s opinions matter to a degree, but you have to be happy with yourself when all’s said and done.

If getting plastic surgery will help fill a psychological and emotional need, then it’s absolutely worth it to help improve your emotional health and well-being.

Overcoming Depression with Plastic Surgery

This might not seem possible to some of you reading this, but it’s certainly valid for many of us.

If you have a very negative image of your body that’s making you depressed more and more each day, one powerful way to overcome this negative self-image is to undergo plastic surgery. The benefits might outweigh checking into Riverside Medical Group for therapy!

According to the Dr. Julio Garcia Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Clinic website, “Dr. Garcia works with each patient to ensure you elect procedures that you feel comfortable and confident with for your body and your life.”

Dr. Garcia and many other plastic surgeons recognize the value of cosmetic surgery. And they fully realize that it can help improve your psychological existence and make day-to-day life much better both physically and mentally.

A Study about Plastic Surgery and Depression

An interesting study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons was done about 10 years ago.

As part of the study, 61 of the 362 cosmetic surgery patients were on antidepressants prior to their plastic surgery. After a six-month follow-up, it was discovered that antidepressant use among the 61 patients decreased by 31%.

As you can see, plastic surgery is definitely capable of eliminating or lowering depression levels for many patients. It’s not foolproof since it only helped 31%, but it’s definitely a big benefit to those suffering needlessly.


Negative body image can take its toll on many people. It definitely plays a paralyzing role on our personal psychology sometimes. For some of us, plastic surgery is the answer to a new, healthy body image. So if you’re suffering, please consider it as a viable option.