Proper Way to Pack a Suit Case

Packing a suit case may seem like one of the easiest things to do until you pick out all your travel supplies and fitting them into one suitcase becomes the most difficult task in the world!

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Yes! We know It does get very frustrating when you want to maximize the available space in your suit case, so you don’t have to travel with extra luggage, but all your shirts find a way to eat up all the space.

So, if you are looking for fun and easy ways to pack that suit case of yours without wrinkling all the clothes, search no further because we got you covered. The first mistake people make when they are packing for a journey is over packing. Can’t say much for the guys, but for the ladies this happens almost every single time we pack.

It is true that sometimes you may have the urge to pack something extra because you feel you might need them or you just might want to have them packed just for the purpose of knowing you have them in your suit case. This is where you have to apply discipline against impulse packing.

Sometimes, because we feel we are professionals at packing suitcases we try to fit too many items in too little suit case space. The result of this is usually embarrassing. You just might have your suit case lock or zipper snap open half way into your journey or you if you over pack.

Another mistake often made is packing bulky clothing pieces in the suitcase instead of putting them on. If you know you will need a bulky piece of clothing and your suit case has limited space, put it on when you are traveling.

That way you get to take it alone with you and still have enough room for other clothing items.

These are the supplies you need for the perfect suit case packing

  1. The most important one; your suit case.
  2. Items to pack
  3. Re-sealable packs for shoes
  4. Plastic pillbox for jewelries
  5. Dry cleaning bag to cover the second layer of clothes.

Now that we have a list of packing supplies, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure to gather together the items you want to pack. T-Shirt, jeans, belts, socks, jewellery, and other personal stuffs should be collected and put in a place where you can see them to make your packing easy and so that you do not leave anything behind.
  2. Pack more tops than bottoms
  3. Pack multipurpose clothing like yoga pants and scarves (optional)
  4. Clothing items that are wrinkle resistant like jeans, knitted wears, and t-shirts should be rolled tightly not folded. Line the base of your suit case with the neatly rolled clothes. You can roll other soft garments like your under wears.
  5. The Items that should come after the rolled ones are the folded ones (wrinkle prone clothes).

Items like skirts and slacks should be folded in half and stacked on top of each other alternating hems with waists. That way you get to conserve space since think waistbands won’t be sitting on one another. Fold shirts with collar the way they are folded in stores so as to avoid wrinkles.

  1. Cover this layer with dry cleaning bag so that folded clothes do not develop creases from staying in one place for too long.
  2. This is the last layer. This layer is where you put all your extra clothing items that did not fit into the first two layers. Your swim suit, scarves, and ties should be neatly folded and arranged in this layer.

We didn’t forget your shoes

When you are packing shoes, try to pick a minimum of three and a maximum of pair pairs if you are staying for one week or less.

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A single pair of work out shoes, a single pair or slippers, and a pair of outing shoes should do. If you would like to go with a fourth pair, it should be worn enroute.

How to pack shoes?

  1. Make sure the shoes have been cleaned and polished
  2. Stuffs your shoes with tiny items like chargers, cords, flash drives and any other electronic items your shoes can carry before you pack your shoes
  3. If you will be packing socks, stuff them in your shoes
  4. Put your shoes in re-sealable plastic bags and arrange them in the top layer of your suit case.

Now that your shoes are sorted, pack damage prone jewelleries’ in plastic pillbox and put on whatever expensive one you want to carry enroute. Place plastic pill boxes in the top layer of your suit case.

Line the sides of your suit case with belts and put any other item lying around in any extra pockets in your suit case.

Whether it’s a weekend break or a long vacation, the last thing you want to do is carry too many suit cases.  It not only makes your journey stressful it makes you look funny too.

So please follow the guide and get maximum packing results from your suit case. Enjoy your trip

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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