Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a popular procedure that can safely remove superficial stains and lighten the color of your teeth, with the results lasting weeks or months.

It can be done in a dental office or with a whitening kit at home, or even a single 30-minute power bleaching procedure in a shopping mall or kiosk.

Teeth whitening will remove discoloration due to coffee, tea, cola, tobacco and red wine or excess fluoride or antibiotics during tooth formation, and also bleach darker tooth color from aging.

Home Bleaching Kits

There are two kinds of stain-removing gels – hydrogen peroxide used in Nite White Turbo and Crest Whitestrips and other products, and carbamide peroxide used in Whiter Smile Exclusive, Nite White, Day White, and others.

Hydrogen peroxide gel is stronger and works more quickly than the carbamide peroxide which works longer term. Both bleach the interior color of the tooth.


With any procedures, there are precautions to observe. Teeth whitening should not be done if you’re under the age of 18, are pregnant, have periodontal disease, exposed roots, over-sensitive teeth or tooth decay, have had recent oral surgery, wear braces or have colitis or jaw problems, or health problems.

In-office Whitening

Professional whitening in an office like Abougoush Professional Corp is the costliest but most complete method. After your teeth are cleaned, your dentist can evaluate the state of your teeth overall, as well as their color.

You will be fitted with a tray custom-fit to your teeth and filled with whitening gel. The bleaching solutions will only work on the tooth enamel and dentin, so any crowns, caps, fillings or veneers will be unaffected and will not match your whiter teeth at the end of the procedure.


The bleaching gel is applied to the trays that are placed over the teeth for the recommended period. Although tooth bleaching is safe for healthy teeth and gums, it is best to not exceed the recommended duration of contact.

It will take several sessions to achieve the desired color. Power bleaching in an office uses gel combined with special heat, LED lamps or lasers for a speedier and more effective whitening.

Teeth whitening has become the most frequently requested procedure in dental offices.

Although it is safe and can be performed in the office, kiosk or at home, having the procedure done professionally will ensure it is supervised by a dentist and also allows you to complete restorative cosmetic dental work afterwards for a uniformly bright, gleaming smile.