Living with allergies can be tough. Simple everyday tasks suddenly can seem overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and just plain frustrating. Not knowing when you might come into contact with your allergen can make you nervous to even leave your front door!

But have you ever considered using disposable gloves to help you go about your daily tasks and keep your allergies at bay? Let’s take a look at just a few reasons why disposable gloves are an allergy sufferers best friend.

1. They create a barrier

Quite simply, disposable gloves create a barrier between you and the world. So you can carry on life without any concerns or anxiety about a potential reaction. Nitrile and latex gloves in particular are resistant to a wide range of substances and materials, so you won’t need to worry about anything getting through to your skin.

2. They’ll protect you from unknown allergens

Unfortunately, it seems that those who suffer with one allergy are predisposed to suffer from additional allergies too. This can cause great anxiety, as those with allergies often live their lives afraid to handle new foods, products or materials. By wearing disposable gloves to handle a ‘new’ food you’re preparing for a friend or family member, you’ll completely eliminate the risk of any reaction and alleviate your own anxiety and fears.

3. They’re small and incredibly portable

Disposable gloves can easily be carried in the bottom of your handbag, or even in a pocket. You can take them anywhere with you where you’re concerned about coming into contact with potential allergens. If you are going to keep a pair of gloves on you, then we would encourage you to keep them in a zip-lock bag to ensure that they stay clean and germ free before wear. Remember they are only used for one wear, so once you’ve worn them simply dispose of them.

4. They’re affordable 

For a product which can protect you from serious allergic reactions, disposable gloves are really quite affordable – especially when purchased in bulk. You can buy a box of 100 gloves for just over £10. Latex do tend to be cheaper than nitrile gloves, but remember that latex is a common allergen itself

5. They won’t have any side effects

Taking medications for allergies can be really effective, but unfortunately a lot of them do have side effects. From making you feel drowsy, to feeling lightheaded, these types of side effects can again impact on your day and your ability to go about normal life. Not only are disposable gloves side-effect free, they’re also a preventative rather than a treatment for post-reaction, which in our eyes is even better! As they say, a preventative is always better than a cure.


6. They’ll fill you with confidence

Once you’ve found a solution to your allergies which actually works, you’ll be surprised by the amount of new-found confidence you feel. Some tasks which normally would have filled you with dread, suddenly don’t seem quite so frightening. 

7. They’re very discreet

Clear disposable gloves especially, can be incredibly discreet. There’s no need to feel embarrassed about wearing gloves as a preventative to allergic reactions, but if you do feel a little self conscious, then you can find clear nitrile or latex gloves which fit close to your skin. That way, at a quick glance, no-one would even realise you’re wearing gloves.

We hope you can now see the incredible benefits of preventing allergic reactions with disposable gloves. They really are a must-have item for any allergy sufferer. Allergies needn’t rule your life, and if you feel that the fear of having an allergic reaction is starting to hold you back, then why not give gloves a try?