Iced Coffee

Coffee is one of those daily pleasures that many people can enjoy. Whether it’s on your morning commute or just something to drink while you read, coffee is a nice treat. Hot or iced, it’s a wonderful drink for a variety of occasions. There are coffee shops virtually anywhere offering a variety of blends and additions. But going to a shop everyday can add up and leave your wallet feeling a little light.
Iced CoffeeThere are ways to be your own barista and make an iced coffee your own way. Here are some tips on how to make iced coffee that you can share or keep all to yourself.

Put it in the Fridge

If you have some time before you need your next fix, this is a great way to plan ahead. Brew your coffee hot as normally would. If you take sugar or syrups in your cup, now is the time to add it as it will dissolve better in the hot liquid. Pour your coffee into a carafe or a glass jug and let it cool down to room temperature (usually this takes about an hour). When the temperature is mild enough, move your container into the refrigerator and let it cool down further. It should take about two hours until you can enjoy a nice cup of cold coffee.

Ice Tray Cheat

If you want to cool your coffee without diluting the flavor, you can use coffee ice cubes. Brew a regular hot pot of coffee, but make it a little stronger than normal. Once it’s brewed and slightly cooled, pour your coffee into an ice tray and stick that in the freezer. Now you’ll have a nice stash of ready ice cubes to cool down your other coffee. Remember, once those cubes melt, you’ll wind up with more coffee so make sure there’s space in your glass. It’ll also take more than two to cool down the hot brew, so make a few extra trays.

Get the Blender

If you’re not just into cold coffee, but the blended versions, those are quite easy to make. Starting off with a freshly brewed pot of coffee, pour about two cups into your blender along with some crushed ice. Blend it just enough to mix the ice and coffee (about ten seconds). Add any flavors (hazelnut, vanilla, etc.) or sugars that you enjoy then blend until smooth.

The Easiest Iced Coffee Recipe

One of the easiest and fastest ways to make a nice cold cup of coffee is this: make your coffee as usual, hot brewed in a pot. Then add enough ice and cold creamer or milk to chill and sweeten it to your taste. And if you don’t have a coffee pot, you can always try this method: using instant coffee, put the powder, sugar and warm water in a jar with a lid. Shake the jar until all the ingredients are combined. Shake it until the contents are foamy then pour it over a glass of ice. Adjust the sweetness to your liking.

The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

Starting with the right blend will have a major impact on how your coffee comes out. Part of the appeal of coffee shops is that they use high-quality coffee beans in their roasts. But you can do that at home, too. When you think of iced coffee, you immediately think of making a fresh, hot pot and then adding ice to it. But that’s not the only way to enjoy a cool cup. You can actually brew it cold. Besides being easier, a cold brew will also get rid of some of that expected coffee bitterness.

The steps are simple: scoop your favorite ground coffee into a pitcher (keep in mind, the more coffee grounds used, the stronger the flavor), add about ten cups of cold water depending on your pitcher and cover it, let it steep for twelve or so hours and then strain the liquid into another clean container. For straining, you can use either your coffee filters or paper towels; both will do the job of collecting the grounds. And now you have a ready supply of concentrated coffee, to which you can add ice, creamers or sugar or other enhancements.

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