Pre Workout Supplement

Supplements have grown in demand and supply almost in equal measures. Individuals on workout routines use different types of supplementation to improve the outcomes of their exercises.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine can be very challenging, and it’s even harder for beginners. Getting a little help goes a long way to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

The supplementation options available on the market are numerous and choosing the right ones is no cakewalk. These supplements are made with different formulas and ingredients. It is why one supplement may be effective for one person and fail horribly in another. Supplements are also designed to meet varying workout requirements.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements are those that you take before getting into your exercise routine. These products have ingredients that prepare the body for workouts. So, if you are a beginner in the world of supplements and looking for the most suitable ones for pre-workouts, the next text will come handy.

There are hundreds of these products from different companies for sale. Make sure to do proper research online and read some user reviews. Also there are websites that rank supplements that you can check out.

Here is a good list of the top 5 pre workout supplements to consider buying. You can even buy them online from sites like


Creatine has earned a reputation as one of the most popular compounds for enhancing performance. It is used in a majority of the ergogenic products. The compound occurs naturally in the body but in small quantities. Its function is to help synthesize ATP – a primary energy source. When ATP is produced, it provides the body it needs.

Fitness workouts consume a lot of energy, and it becomes necessary to replenish it. By taking creatine supplements, you avail this fundamental substance to the body. Having more energy during workouts means that you can exercise longer without wearing out easily.

It is safe for most people and doesn’t cost much, courtesy of its popularity. The recommended dosage is usually 25g per day. An individual can take up to 30g, though.


Including proteins in your supplementation offers distinct benefits. Proteins should be part of any healthy diet, but it may not always be possible to get everything you need from your daily intakes. Supplementing protein in your diet before working out is one way to fix that. These types of supplements contribute to muscular size and strength.

Incorporating proteins properly in your diet can also help in losing fat. Note that proteins are available in two options. Whey protein is a favorite of fitness enthusiasts because it is consumed incredibly fast.

Casein protein, on the other hand, works very slowly. Even with the best protein products, it is essential to eat proteinous foods because they are combined with useful minerals.

Vitamins B

Vitamins BB6 and B12 are some of the essential vitamins in the body. They help in the formation of red blood cells and also facilitate the making of energy from foods. With a Vitamin B complex in your supplement, you get to energize the body, in addition to increasing endurance.

These vitamins play a huge part in regulating your moods and sleep, which can help you train better. The recommended Vitamin B6 dosage for adults is 1.3 mg per day. Intake should never exceed 100mg. For B12, a minimum of 2.4 microgramsis sufficient.


CarbohydratesBeing a principal source of energy, having carbs as part of your pre-workout diet is a no-brainer. They are particularly necessary for anyone doing an intense fitness routine. However, carbohydrates intake has to be done right.

Consuming large amounts of starch just before you get on a treadmill will not generate the results you hope for. A carbohydrate that is digested easily is the best way to do it. What carbohydrates do in the body is help with the synthesis of protein and glycogen.

As you use up the reserves, the body produces more. Because of this, muscles recover faster because they have sufficient fuel. 3.2 to 4.5 grams for every pound of body weight is an ideal consumption rate. However, you should factor in the intensity of your workouts when setting the intake levels.


People turn to caffeine even when they are not working out because it is a powerful stimulant. Intake of caffeine can increase endurance, focus, and muscular recovery which are all good when working out. Taking a pre-workout supplement with caffeine can help you last longer on those routines.

Besides fitness supplements, the compound is present in tea, coffee, and energy drinks. Note that some individuals may not react well to caffeine. Anxiety and nausea are some of the bad reactions that such an individual may have.

Additionally, some people can build up a caffeine resistance due to prolonged consumption. In this instance, taking the supplements wouldn’t do you any good.

Finishing Up

Supplements come wrapped in promises of delivering miraculous fitness results, which can be exciting for a beginner. Someone who is just in their first workout program will be eager to see results. As much as some supplements have been proven to be effective, outcomes differ broadly in individuals.

Check out the additional ingredients included in supplements because some people get allergic reactions to substances like nut residues and herbs. Learn about the proper supplementation for each stage of a workout before settling on specific products.