A lot of people say that after purchasing their first vaporizer, it has become their preferred way to consume cannabis or any other herb. Nowadays, with the feature of temperature control can make vaping more safer.

These vaporizers will give you a precise temperature control without making any ash, tar or smoke. I am using this since long that is why I know a lot about the ins and outs of the process and in this article I am giving the handiest tips to use a vaporizer.

How to Make Your Vapor Smooth?

When you see the process of smoking cannabis, you will find the hot air is produced in this process and it can cause some problems, it can be irritating on your throat. This will bring unwanted results for those who are having disorders like asthma. The best part is there are easy ways to decrease the harshness of your vapor.

If you vaporizer is supporting you can take a bag attachment, this is one of the best ways for cooling your vapor. Fill the bag with the vapor and leave it for a couple of minutes after which you can you start inhaling the vapors.

This will let you experience a noticeable difference in the smoothness when you compare it with using a whip vape. You don’t need to decrease your potency.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Vaporizer

The best thing about herbal vaporizers is the efficiency and presently majority of the vaporizers available in the market have the potential to stretch out a little bit of cannabis, so that you can use it for a longer duration. If you would like to maximize the efficiency of your vaporizer, then here are a few tips which you can use.

Every vaporizer has different type of heating element. Most of the herbs are dry and fresh. You can experience it by yourself as at which temperature you should use your cannabis.

Some work best in the range of four 182°C to 230°C, whereas some provide better results between 210°C to 225°C. In order to get the best out of it, you can start with low temperature and then give 10°C increments to find out the right temperature to produce the best vapor for your requirements.

It is not necessary to use cannabis only; you can use your different types of herbs. Every herb produce different effects and aromas and you can also benefit from it.

It is imperative on your part to clean your vaporizer at regular intervals and collect all the resin stuck there because this resin is very potent. You can use it again and you will find that it can go a long way.

All the vaporizers emit dry and hot air and temperature control can make vaping more safer. Cannabis also dries your mouth, so in order to deal with this annoying problem, you can chew flavored gum. Chewing a flavored gum especially, when you are vaporizing will enhance the production of saliva in your mouth.