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Practical Tips for Maintaining Good Eyesight

Our senses connect us to our surrounding. When a single sense fails to function properly, our connection to the environment is affected. You probably do not think of how important your senses are until one or two of them fail to function.

As part of the five senses, your eyes are very crucial to your well-being. Your eyes enable you to do so many activities. Hence you should take good care of them.

You might have well-functioning limbs, but if you have poor eyesight, most activities will be challenging. Below are some of the practical ways you can ensure your eyes remain in top shape.

Watch What You Eat

You have probably heard that carrots are good for your eyes. This is because they are rich in vitamin A, which is a crucial vitamin for the eyes.

However, apart from eating many carrots, you also have to eat plenty of vegetables such as kale, spinach, and collard greens. Also, do not forget to incorporate fruits in your diet.

Several studies have shown that fish that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids is good for the eyes. Such fish include tuna, salmon, and halibut. Other eye-friendly foods include:

  • Eggs
  • Citrus fruits
  • Pork
  • Sweet potatoes

By having these foods as part of your daily diet, you will be keeping your eyes healthy and sparkling.

Let Your Eyes Rest

With so many things to do, it can be almost impossible to close your eyes for a while during the day. This happens especially when you are working under pressure.

For instance, you may be working on a project that your boss needs as soon as possible, or you may be a student trying to finish your essay and hand it over to your lecturer. Whatever, the case, you may find yourself spending hours on end in front of your computer screen.

Essay writing is one of the activities that keep students’ eyes glued to their computer screen. Unfortunately staring at the computer screen for more extended periods is bad for your eyes.

To maintain your eye’s health, you must adhere to the 20-20-20 rule. Under this rule, you have to rest your eyes every twenty minutes by looking twenty feet away for about twenty seconds.

Wear Sunglasses When Out In the Sun


When shopping for sunglasses, do not just look out for the fashionable ones, look for the ones that protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Making you look cool and stylish may be one of the functions of sunglasses, but protecting your eyes from the UV rays is their real function.

Macular degeneration is one of the effects of UV rays exposure. The eye condition is among the leading causes of vision loss among older adults.

Exposure to UV rays, UV-B rays in particular, also makes you vulnerable to some forms of cataracts. A cataract is an eye condition whereby the lens is clouded, thereby causing a blurred vision.

When shopping for sunglasses, look out for those with 100 percent protection against UV-B and UV-A radiation.

Quit Smoking

If you smoke, you need to quit for the sake of your eyes. If you do not smoke, do not think about starting. You probably are aware that smoking is harmful to the rest of your body. However, you may not know that smoking affects your eyesight too.

Several studies have shown the link between smoking and eye problems like macular degeneration, optic nerve damage, and cataract. The sad reality is that all these age-related eye problems can lead to blindness.

Regular Eye Check-Up

You may not be aware of your eye problem until you visit the eye specialist. You might think that your vision is good only to realize that you need contact lenses or glasses to see better after a comprehensive eye exam by an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.

Both an ophthalmologist and an optometrist are eye doctors. Their difference is that an ophthalmologist can perform eye surgery while an optometrist cannot.

As with any diseases, early detection is better and often lead to a quick recovery. The same case applies to eye problems. You can only detect your eye condition sooner if you regularly have your eyes checked. A comprehensive eye exam may include the following:

  • A discussion about your health history and that of your family
  • Vision exams
  • Optic nerve and eye pressure exam


By adhering to the above tips, you can keep your eyes looking good and functioning at their best capacity. Eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, so take good care of them.

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