If you are being completely honest there will be at least one part of your body that you do not like. You would probably be happy to consider having plastic surgery to correct your perceived flaw.

Unfortunately this can often lead to variety of issues. Both men and women today would rather go under the knife rather than to the gym to get back in shape; and that’s because plastic surgery provides visible results a lot faster. But then again, perfection comes at a price.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Striving to create the perfect look can become an addiction. If you correct one part of your body you will start looking at what else needs improving.

You may also find that changing one part will highlight the issue with another part. Alongside this you will be constantly fed images of perfect people; whether on a variety show or in the pages of a magazine.

The images of perfection you see daily are likely to make you want surgery to correct any issue and it can be very difficult to resist this idea of perfection.

Having surgery is not an issue in itself; the problem arises when your first operation needs to be followed by a second, then a third; then you are addicted and this will lead to body image problems.

Grooming is Good

There is nothing wrong with the desire to look your best, this is why many people diet and exercise regularly; the fact that these activities improve their health is an additional benefit.

Looking your best will make you feel good about yourself; this will improve your self confidence and will help you to be successful in your career.

This does not mean that you have to be good looking to be successful; it does mean you have to make the most of what you have and look tidy and professional.

Balancing your Image

With all the pressure on you to look good it can be difficult to find the right balance; you probably want to be noticed for your looks, your professional nature and your success.  However, perfect looks are not the answer!

Instead it is important to be comfortable in your own skin; you need to be aware of who you are, what you are capable of and take pride in this.  Knowing your own limits, hopes and dreams will ensure you act confidently wherever you go.

Confident people are always taken note of and the majority of people will not notice whether you are good looking or not.


It is important to keep your looks in perspective, everyone is beautiful to someone. The diversity of human nature means that beauty to one person is not the same as someone else’s image of beauty.

Although your appearance may be the first thing you are judged on; the people that matter will want to know more about you than this. They will want to know your intellectual beauty, emotional maturity and even your psychological maturity.

The issue with personal beauty actually boils down to your own perspective. If you see yourself as beautiful and do not need to rely on classical good looks or having a large bank balance; then you will have a good perspective and will be able to achieve anything.

The idea of perfection is personal. You may be one of the many people who worry about the signs of aging or how to fix your looks.

This is the right path to repetitive cosmetic surgery – such as advanced laser lypo in London, nose job, or facelift – an addiction and, quite possibly, a lifetime of debt. Stop chasing the perfect body because it doesn’t exist. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, you can choose to be someone who embraces themselves and looks inward; life is a journey and an opportunity to learn about yourself and the world around.

Instead of striving for a physical perfection which can only be generated by plastic surgery, you should consider what is best for you and your life. Be comfortable as you are; you will be ready to face anything and you will already be perfect in the eyes of the person who counts the most – you.