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How to Plant Weed Seeds Correctly for Fast Growth?

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Growing cannabis from seeds is a delicate and challenging process wrought with great rewards if done well. Every grower wants bigger yields that take less time, seedlings, money and even effort.

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Many cannabis growers undergo a lot of trial and effort. They’ll purchase their weed seeds and follow what they think is best practice, but the end result isn’t always what they pictured. If you’re wanting to better your chances of success when growing cannabis, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Ensure the Seeds are Healthy First

Before you even begin to think about planting seeds, you need to ensure the ones you have bought are healthy enough to grow. Otherwise, you will be wasting your efforts.
Healthy seeds will have a hard shell that is not cracked. The colours tend to be brown or grey and distinct spots or lines may be present.

You can find the best weed seeds by purchasing through a reputable site and known bank who you know have experience in the field. Don’t hesitate to ask the company questions before buying, as you want to ensure that you aren’t purchasing something that’s unusable.

Grow the Plant Indoors

Although growing outdoors has its benefits, if fast growth is what you’re after then indoors is the way to go. You can easily change and monitor the temperature and regulate the amount of light your buds are receiving. 12 hours is the recommended length of time that your plants should be exposed to the light, so if you do it indoors, you can set up an easy schedule.

Soak the Weed Seeds in water

The seeds should be soaked in 18°C till the roots emerge. Once the seeds achieve the proper moisture content level, they will open up, and the developing root grows out of it. The seeds won’t take in too much water until they have cracked for two weeks. You can use any kind of water (including tap water). The seed won’t need any new nutrients. You have to replenish the water every 72 hours.

Get Rid of Dying Leaves

If you notice the leaves of your plant start to turn yellow, prune them immediately. You want to ensure only healthy leaves are growing and receiving large amounts of energy. Dying leaves will only take this away.

Frequently Moisten the Soil

Water is a highly vital component for the growth of all plants, and weed is no different. If they don’t receive enough water, the seeds will not grow to their full potential sizes. On the other hand, too much water will drown them and choke them of oxygen. Too little water will wither the leaves, and the stem will stunt.

Being able to provide the best environment is essential for germinating the seeds. Make sure you moisturise the plant with a water sprayer twice a day until the seeds germinate. While at it, make sure you also adequately monitor the distance between the CFL (if that is the light you’re using) and the pots. This is because the bulb may produce too much heat that will evaporate the moisture content.

Carefully monitor and just check the moisture level of your pot’s soil without feeding any nutrients. Avoid adding nutrients until the first leaves make it through the soil. This occurs between 5 to 8 days.

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Tending the Seedlings

Once they pop up, examine the distance between the growing seedlings and the CFL light. It’s essential that you keep the soil moist. At this point, the leaves can absorb water so keep up with the water spray routine. Do not use lots of nutrients.

Make sure the light stays on throughout the day and night. Do not touch the leaves or buds and don’t remove the seed’s skins from the buds. You can introduce root-stimulating nutrients the moment the first two internodes emerge. Once the roots outgrow the bottom of the pot, transplant them into bigger pots.

Remember that the plants tend to be very delicate and any mistakes made during the seed germination stage might affect the longevity, plant health, and yields over the long haul. If you follow the proper procedure, then strong, healthy plants will develop from those seedlings.

Growing marijuana is not a tough process. It simply needs care and concentration.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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