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Peyronie’s Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


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Peyronie disease is an erectile dysfunction that is caused by scar tissue known as plaque that forms inside the penis making the penis to be very bent or curved during erection.


Symptoms of Peyronie Disease

The common symptoms of Peyronie’s disease are listed below;

  1. Plaques: Plaque or scar tissue is the major symptom of Peyronie disease. Plaques are mostly formed at the upper side of the penis or at the bottom side as the case may be. Sometimes plaques cause waist disformities and painful erection.
  2. Curved Penis: One of the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease is a very curved penis during erection. It can cause the penis to be bent upward or sideways and sometimes complex curvature as the penis may be bent in more than a side.
  3. Shortening of The Penis: This disease can cause a change to the size of the penis by making it shorter.
  4. Severe Pain: You’ll feel severe penile pains with or without an erection.

Causes of Peyronie Disease

Although the causes of Peyronie’s disease is not completely understood, it could be traced to a number of factors which may include; Injury to the penis:

It is medically believed that bending or hitting the penis may cause injury to the tissues inside. A man may get a penile injury from sex, athletic activities or accident. And as the injury heals too much scar tissues may be formed due to the release of substances by the immune system cells.

This scar tissue builds up and form plaques inside the penis reducing the elasticity tissues and flexibility of the penis during erection. However, the risk factors of Peyronie disease may include heredity, ageing, connective tissue disorder and prostate surgery.

Complications of Peyronie Disease

Peyronie disease may have some major complications which may draw the attention of someone suffering from the disease. They include the following;

  1. Difficulty in maintaining or achieving an erection
  2. Change in the form and appearance of the penis.
  3. Difficulty in having sexual intercourse or fathering a child.

Diagnosis of Peyronie Disease

Peyronie’s disease can be diagnosed using the following methods;

  1. Imaging test
  2. Physical exam
  3. Medical and family history.

Peyronies disease treatment options

Most times, Peyronie’s disease goes away without being treated. Experts usually suggest monitoring the disease for 12 months to know what treatment option to take. In case the disease doesn’t go away naturally, the following treatment options can be applied;

1. Oral Drugs: While its efficacy is not fully known, oral drugs have been considered as treatment options for men badly affected by the disease. They may consist of Oral Vitamin E, Potassium Amino-benzoate and Placebo

2. Penile Injections: This involves injecting a drug into the plague since the injection will bring higher doses of the drug to the plague that when administered orally. Injections are mostly taken by men who want to avoid surgery.


3. Surgery: Surgery is restricted for the most severe cases especially when the deformity makes it hard to have sex.

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