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10 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

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Hygiene has no gender base. I feel like I need to say this as much as possible. There are some people out there that believe men that care a bit too much about being clean are weak.

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They are, in fact, the strongest as they are the healthiest. It is not up to just one gender to look clean and be hygienic. It is a human thing, unless you do not wish to live a healthy life.

Majority of hygiene related articles are directed at women and it seems like women have a lot to look out for, but honestly, so do men. It not just about looking good although that is also one major reason, it is about being healthy and living a healthy life.

I’m not a man and I cant claim to know so much about men, but I felt the need to assist with some personal hygiene tips to get you started:

1. Bathe daily

I feel like this should o without saying, but sadly, there is need to say it. Take your bath daily to get rid of all the accumulated sweat, dirt and germs. Bath twice daily if you an, especially if you had a long, stressful, busy day.

Not only does this keep you clean and free from the harm that these germs may cause, It also gets rid of odour, which are not so friendly.

2. Keep your mouth clean

Brush your teeth when you wake up in the morning and before bed at night for healthy teeth and gums. Floss daily, it only takes a few seconds. Use a non-alcoholic or organic mouthwash to keep bad breath at bay.

Take mints with you to temporarily hide stale breath. Remember to make a trip to your dentists for check up every 6 months.

3. Take good care of your hair

There is always the freedom to choose whether or whether not you decide to keep your hair but whichever you decide to do, keep it tidy. Unkept hair gives you a shaggered and dirty look and except that’s your aim, do something about it.

If you want to keep your hair full and long, take very good care of it. Wash it frequently with a good shampoo and conditioner. Comb it and just keep it looking decent. If you would like to keep your hair low, get a haircut every 4 – 6 weeks to keep it well groomed.

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If you plan on rocking a full beard, keep it trimmed and clean and care well for it. And unless you are absolutely OK with your nasal hair, trim them. The same goes for your eyebrows. Grooming them is not a ‘lady thing’.

4. Replace your blades

Your shaving blades should only be used 3-4 times and then you should go for a replacement. It is also important to disinfect them after each use. Douse some rubbing alcohol over it or wash with hot soapy water.

5. Air out your sweaty clothes

It’s a common habit to just pull off sweaty clothes and put them in the laundry basket. This goes especially for gym clothes as they have absorbed so much sweat and bacteria. When you throw clothes soaked in sweat straight into the laundry basket, it has more hours or days to soil the fabric and permeate fibers.

This causes your clothes to still have a slight hint of odor even after its been washed. Instead of taking them straight to the laundry baskets, air them out so the sweat can dry.

6. Keep your nails clean

Whether you decide to keep your finger nails short or not, you definitely have to keep them clean. Having a dirty nail is not only unhealthy, but unattractive as well. Get a pedicure set and tend to your nails at least once a week.

Wash your hands frequently to get rid of some of the dirt. Remember to take good care of your toe nails as well. Trim them every week and tend to them well. Having dirty finger nails can also cause you to ingest germs if you eat with your hands or you are fond of putting them in your mouth.

Avoid chewing your nails. Its not healthy and definitely not attractive but is surprisingly, a common bad habit. Try your best to stop it if you are guilty of this.

7. Care for your skin

You should indulge in routine skin care regimes as they are just as important for men as they are women. various men’s skin care products are available in the market and very easy to use. Moisturize after bathing because no body likes a chapped, dry, skin.

8. Wear deodorants and anti-perspirants

Some men do not realize the importance of using these products. Underarm odours are really disturbing to you and those around you.

Asides from scrubbing the area everyday while bathing to keep it clean, you also need to put on a deodorant to get rid of odour that may result from excess sweat and germs.

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Underarm sweat can also be uncomfortable and reduce your confidence in your appearance. Wear an anti-perspirant to reduce or stop the excess sweating. So many products are actually mixtures of deodorants and anti-perspirants. Find one of them and use as needed.

9. Change your underwear

Your eyes are probably rolling at this very obvious tip, but you will be surprised at how many people do not change their underwear often enough. Some believe, ‘if it looks clean, its clean’ and that mindset has to change. Change your underwear daily and also after your workouts.

10. Eat healthy

Some food you eat determine how your body is presented. Some cause bad odours, unhealthy looking skin, bad oral health etc. some even mess with your hormonal levels and that could affect so many biological events in your body. Eats lots of fruits and vegetables. Cut back on unhealthy fatty food and reduce your carbs intake.

Here is an extra tip: throw in a few minutes of exercise to keep in shape and stay healthier. Good luck being your best self!

Personal Hygiene men
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Asmau Mohammed
I am a medical student and I love discussing all things health related. I also love being a health or lifestyle coach.
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