Periwinkle or Dwarf Periwinkle: Uses and Health Benefits

Dwarf Periwinkle
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The parts that contain active ingredients are the tops of the flowers, leaves and roots of the herb. After they are collected should be dried in the shade to maintain their property and active substances.

Some of the conditions used to treat bleeding nose or gums, regulate the gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, lower blood pressure, helps fight the aging brain, improves memory, stimulates appetite, increases the secretion breast milk, reduce mental fatigue.

It is effective for people recovering from heart attacks and strokes. You can also find this plant extract in pharmacies and health food stores and comes in tinctures.

Periwinkle may have contraindications for pregnant women, infants and children so they should not consume this plant in any way at all without medical supervision.

In addition, the combination with other drugs can be harmful to anyone so not to self-medicate with this home remedy. This plant helps to improve certain conditions but should be used only with medical approval for benefits and having no undesirable effects on health.

Recipes from this medicinal plant

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Infusion: an infusion can be prepared using 20 grams of leaves and flowers in 1 liter of water do not exceed this dose not to suffer contraindications. It should only be consumed under medical advice because of the toxicity of it.

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Decoction: The decoction is achieved by boiling 16 grams of flowers and leaves in 1 liter of water and can drink 2 cups per day.

Dwarf Periwinkle
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