Healthcare Career

A lthough “Obamacare” is being praised by many as the perfect healthcare system that allows millions of Americans access medical insurance and medical care, skeptics still believe this new healthcare system will leave out a significant number of people that need insurance.

The healthcare program was created to help America’s 40 million uninsured be eligible for financial aid. Unfortunately, some critics argue that many American’s are excluded from the scope of the law, including poor Americans, single mothers and low wage workers who do not currently have medical insurance and remain at risk of not qualifying for one under the new law.

This remains a problem although the healthcare law was originally written so that all Americans regardless of their state or income could access health coverage.

As the main opposition against the Obamacare, the Republican Party recently protested the law by refusing to fund it. This resulted in a government shutdown, which was a failed warning against Obama’s administration and the healthcare bill.

This and the recent problems with the website that has delayed access to health insurance, has resulted in frustration and anger. It’s also directed the focus away from the main point of the law – to help millions of Americans afford healthcare.

If you are an individual who wants to help the healthcare system be better, become a healthcare administrator. If you are passionate about the health sector and would like to render your services to it, you can start by signing up today for an online degree BA in Health Services Administration. If you are looking for a new opportunity, sign up for an online degree today.

By working in the health care section, you will have a wide-ranging influence within the medical world. As a health administrator, your duties will include among others:

  • Coming up with strategic policy decisions
  • Establishing healthcare standards
  • Implementing personnel management procedure that will help your organization contribute to the welfare of the patients in general

Most healthcare administrators work within hospitals, whereas the rest find work in other healthcare facilities, such as long-term nursing institutions, physician’s offices, small and large group medical practices, outpatient clinics, and home healthcare agencies.

In the above mentioned settings, as a health administrator, you will be either in-charge of the entire facility of in-charge of a certain department within the facility.

If you want to be part of the healthcare system in an administrative role and ultimately love helping others, the healthcare administrator degree will put you in a position where you can go beyond expectations to create a work environment and a client experience that exceeds all expectations.

As a healthcare administrator, you will contribute to the healthcare system, help individuals in need, and become a part of the solution.