The penis is the male sex organ and it had been in existence since the first man was created. However, archeologists believe that it had been around for 435 million years due to findings from fossilized remains that belong to colymbosathon acplecticos, which is an arthropod.

In Greek, its name translates to “amazing swimmer with a large penis.” According to Mokokoma Mokhonana, “even the world’s greatest actor cannot fake an erection.”

Your first erection

The penis comes along with the male child at birth. This means that male babies come out of the womb with a penis, provided their development stages are not hindered. Ultrasound scans usually show that erection on the fetus while in the pregnancy.

A study carried out in 1991 revealed that the fetus experience erection mostly during random eye movement (REM) sleep. The erection usually occurs several times within an hour. No one can say why it happens like this, but some professionals think the purpose is to test for erection capability to make sure everything is OK.

Your penis is twice longer than you think

The penis is longer than it looks; many men are not aware of this fact. The truth is that up to half of the length of the penis is hidden inside the body. The one inside may seem useless, but it is required for normal anatomy and physiology. As a result, it needs to stay put.

The area extending into the body consists of the corpus spongiosum and corpus cavernosum.  They extend far into the pelvic region and form a boomerang shape.

One final erection

As hinted above, a fetus gets an erection while in the womb. Also, the man will have one final erection before his death. This erection is called the terminal erection or angel lust. It is also called death erection.

This erection is usually seeing men that died from hanging. Scientists are of the opinion that the death erection is due to pressure exerted by the nose on the cerebrum. However, this form of erection also occurs in men that die from poisoning and gunshot to the head, which can damage any of the major blood vessels.

You can break your penis

The penis does not have any bone; you should be aware already.  This is expected as a norm in mammals. Be that as it may, the penis can still be broken. This can usually occur during vigorous sex.  It can equally happen to men that fall from their beds with an erection.

Penile fracture can be defined as the rupture of the corpora caverrnosa’s fibrous covering; this is the tissue that gets engorged and become erect. When the fracture occurs, the affected person will experience a cracking or popping sound, swelling, intense pain and flaccidity.

Be that as it may, the fracture does not occur often. The affected person can become fully recovered if the problem is treated on time. The earlier you contact a doctor the better if you ever experience this; do not be embarrassed to seek medical attention. The woman-on-top sex position is one of the most common causes of penile fracture among all the 42 cases that are investigated.

The angle of the dangle

Erection can point in virtually any direction; it can point down, up, right, left or ahead. There is no particular direction for erection.

In the figure given below, penis pointing up has 0 degrees. It is 90 degree when it has horizontal.

  1. 0–30 degrees — 4.9 percent of men
  2. 30–60 degrees — 29.6 percent of men
  3. 60–85 degrees — 30.9 percent of men
  4. 85–95 degrees — 9.9 percent of men
  5. 95–120 degrees — 19.8 percent of men
  6. 120–180 degrees — 4.9 percent of men

So, you do not need to worry if the penis is not pointing forward. Only very few penis point straight. They can curve in virtually any direction. The curve can still be considered as normal if it is 30 degree.

Other penile facts

When does the penis stop growing?

Penis grows up to 22cm on the average; that is, if you do not use any external help. Up to 87% of men are in this category. Men having micropenis may not have a penis as long as this. In this case, the growth of the penis stop prematurely or it can be non-existent. Most men are in the habit of comparing the length of their penis to those of other men.

Many men use this as a yardstick to measure the growth of their penis. This happens especially to men that are undergoing normal biological changes and plan to be sexually active.  Most men find themselves comparing length to those of their friends when they find themselves. They want to find out if they measure up or not to their peers or other men.

Red bumps on the penis: what could it mean?

Describing red bumps on the penis is difficult. They are common and are also harmless most of the time. Several factors are responsible for red bumps on the penis.  Some harmless conditions can cause it, like eczema, dermatitis, condom-induced allergies, etc. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) can also be responsible for red bumps on the penis.

Ingrown hair on penis

There is a similarity between bumps formed by pimples on the penile shaft and ingrown hair on the penis. The bumps can be more than one on the penis and they can appear in the form of tan thuds.  If they are infected, they usually contain pus. Usually, it is unpleasant, painful and itchy.

The ingrown hair should never be left unattended; it should be treated on time; the number is irrespective. It can become infected if it is left untreated and this will cause pus accumulation.

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