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Tattoo During Pregnancy

Dangers of Getting a Tattoo During Pregnancy

As a pregnant woman, people tend to give you lots of advice about what to do and not do. Things such as avoid eating...
Stillborn Birth

Stillborn Birth: Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Stillborn birth is when a baby is born with no signs of life at or after 28 weeks of gestation.  In other words, when...

When Your Child Has Asthma

There's little that's more frightening to a parent than a child who suddenly becomes breathless and begins to wheeze. Among chronic diseases in children, asthma...
Ella Emergency Contraceptive

Ella Emergency Contraceptive: Uses and Side Effects

Ella, also known as Ulipristal is an emergency contraceptive used to prevent pregnancy in women after having unprotected sex or a birth control method...
Pre-Pregnancy body

How to Get Your Pre-pregnancy Body Back After Giving Birth

Aside from getting a serious lack of sleep and of course suddenly having a tiny human in your life who’s dependent on you for...
COVID-19 kids

10 Ways to Keep Your Children Engaged During COVID-19 Lock Down

It's no secret that this compulsory stay home is already becoming tiring for everybody; however, parents are more on the receiving end. Many parents...

How to Identify the Best Formula for Newborns

There is absolutely nothing in life that is comparable to becoming a parent. As soon as your baby arrives it changes absolutely everything and...
family of four walking at the street

Common Mistakes Parents Make With Their Kids

It is not unseen for couples who think they are ready to start having children to make mistakes as they walk down the lane...
Face Masks

How to Talk About Face Masks With Kids?

As a parent, you probably know how your kids can be little sponges when it comes to absorbing your emotions. Despite your best efforts...
Listeria During Pregnancy

Listeria During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting journeys that most women wish to experience at least once in their lifetime. The thrill and joy...
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