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Orthodontic Innovations: A New Age of Braces

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For many decades, dental patients have associated orthodontics with only the image of heavy metal equipment that interferes with comfort and personal appearance.

In recent years, orthodontists have developed several innovative technologies that allow patients to have straighter teeth in a shorter amount of time with less discomfort, as well as devices that are more subtle in appearance.

Whether you are interested in invisible braces or innovative metal and clear bracket braces, you are sure to have many more options in this new age of braces.

Passive Self-Ligating Braces

The traditional system of active ligation causes a great deal of friction between the wire and bracket of braces. The result is slower treatment and more patient discomfort. One of the most radical developments in recent orthodontics is the passive self-ligating technology.

Passive self-ligating braces enable the wire to slide more efficiently, which results in less friction and less discomfort. The orthodontist may also eliminate crowding without the use of spacers.


One of the most popular innovations in orthodontics is Invisalign, a system that incorporates a series of clear, acrylic dental trays that are custom fit and gradually move the teeth into the desired alignment.

One of the most obvious benefits of Invisalign includes the trays’ minimal appearance; most people cannot tell a patient is wearing the device upon visual inspection.

The trays can also be removed when the patient wishes to brush, floss or eat; therefore, oral hygiene is easier, and the concern about food getting stuck in metal braces is eliminated.

If you want to know if Invisalign braces are suitable for your particular tooth condition, contact Dr. Peter K. M. Wong Inc. or a dental clinic near you.

Clear Brackets

One of the drawbacks of Invisalign is that the trays do not achieve major tooth movement, and treatment may have a longer duration.

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Products that feature clear brackets like the Damon Clear system appeal to patients who do not want the appearance of metal braces, but desire a shorter treatment duration.

Damon Clear incorporates passive self-ligating bracket technology and is more stain-resistant than other clear bracket systems.

Continued Innovation

Like virtually all areas of dentistry and medicine, orthodontics continues to evolve and bring more efficient treatment methods that offer practicality, improved aesthetics and added comfort.

Today’s orthodontics patient has a multitude of options compared to patients just two decades ago. Whether fast treatment, the avoidance of unsightly metal or greater comfort is the patient’s goal, orthodontists have a wide range of tools from among which they may choose to treat patients of all ages.

Patients are also sometimes surprised to find that newer orthodontic treatments are often more affordable than originally expected in light of the substantial benefits over traditional braces.

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