Holiday Food

People are still going to want to eat some healthy food during the holidays, even though this is traditionally a point of the year where people will tend to eat more rich reward food. No one needs to adopt an ‘all or nothing’ approach.

The Christmas season does not need to be an extended binge. People can eat large portions of the food that they like while still trying to eat some food that is healthy. This will help to balance everything out for most people, making it easier for them to get back on track after the holidays.

Focus on Protein and Fat

For one thing, it’s a good idea to eat plenty of protein and fat during the holidays. The age of low-fat diets is over, and many researchers are turning against the received wisdom that people should always avoid eating dietary fat as much as possible. In fact, it is very possible that some of the modern health problems that have gotten worse in the past few decades were partly caused by the misguided zeal for low-fat food.

Eating more protein and fat will help people even out their blood sugar during the holidays. The terrible blood sugar spikes that lead to exhaustion and depression can be avoided in part, even if people do plan on eating holiday treats that are heavy on sugar and carbohydrates. People can still eat stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and pie.

However, it is a good idea to focus more on the turkey, the ham, or any of the other foods that are high in protein and fat. There is no reason to eat a serving of meat that looks like a deck of cards. This is based on the idea that diets should be based on carbohydrates and that fat and protein should be consumed in more limited quantities.

The body will more or less either burn or store carbohydrates. This is not the case for fat and protein. People can rebuild their tissues using fat and protein. The protein from turkey could be used to make cellular membranes. The brain needs fat in order to repair and renew itself.

Some people have noticed that when they eat a lot of protein and fat in one sitting, it doesn’t seem to have the same effects on them as eating a lot of carbohydrates. This is largely because the body just uses protein and fat differently. When people want to eat a lot of food, they are better off eating a lot of protein and fat.

Having a huge portion of turkey and a smaller set of portions of cranberry sauce, rolls, potatoes, and other carbohydrates makes more sense for most people, and this is something that will help people stay healthy during the holidays.

Carbohydrates and Toppings

ToppingsPeople who are unsure about putting butter on bread should remember that in some ways, it’s healthier. The high fat of the butter can help to counteract the effects of the carbohydrates from the bread. While the butter is going to add calories, people tend to find buttered bread more filling than just bread by itself. It tends to balance itself out a lot more naturally than many people would believe.

There are similar toppings that people could use in order to stay healthy during the holidays. For instance, gravy typically contains meat juice, and therefore protein. Skipping the gravy will not necessarily be beneficial for the people who are interested in eating mashed potatoes. This is once again based on the outdated thinking that carbohydrates are healthier than protein and fat, and this is something that fewer people believe today. People will find that focusing more on protein and fat will help them feel full more easily.

They might eat less in general, and they might enjoy the food that they eat more. It’s difficult for most people to get properly satiated on a diet that is more or less entirely based on carbohydrates. This will certainly be the case for the food that people eat during the Christmas season. Eating more protein and fat during the holidays will make more sense for most people. They will feel much better in the process.

Have A Happy and Healthy Holiday.