Nootropics are nothing really new. They are taken in either naturally, or by way of man-made foods, drugs, or in the form of a supplement, and aid with the cognitive enhancement of the brain’s functioning, including areas of: memory, motivation, focus, and intelligence.

With a history of more than 50 years, nootropics have been around since 1963. First developed by Dr. Corneliu Giurgea in the 1960’s, nootropics have only recently hit the mainstream as the latest and greatest in brain supplements, even holding the moniker of being “the best thing since sliced bread!”

During the development of what today’s medical society are calling “smart drugs”, Dr. Corneliu Giurgea laid out 5 crucial criteria which he believed to be critical to the development of these nootropics, before they could be labelled as such.

These 5 criteria are set out as follows:

  1. They should enhance one’s memory, as well as improve a person’s ability to learn
  2. They should help increase resistance to old, learned behaviors as well as memories of things that interrupt disrupt this newly increased resistance
  3. A nootropic should protect the brain from any physical assault, or from any foreign brain chemical
  4. It should increase the efficiency of the controlling mechanism for the neural firing of both the cerebral cortex and the sub-cerebral cortex areas of the brain
  5. They should also be non-toxic, with very few to no side effects

In realistic terms, and today’s marketplace, there are an unfortunate few nootropics that meet these criteria end-to-end. They do however, all come with the innate ability to benefit a person’s thinking, and increase their mental energy.

Without following the criteria for nootropics as laid out by Dr. Giurgea, the definition for nootropics is left to be a rather vague one.

It’s due to this lack of clarity that is has become somewhat of a challenge to define exactly what is, and what is not a nootropic. Everyday substance like Omega-3 and caffeine, and even controlled substances such as Adderall, can and often are also considered to be nootropics.

There are some products on the market today that claim to be nootropics simply are not, and should rather be investigated properly before you don’t get what you pay for.

Before you get into buying anything, be sure to double check a products clean and clear, proven track record, backed by the proper clinical trials. Check Lifehackerguy out for his selection of 9 popular nootropics on the market today!

Safety is a key element of nootropics, designed to aid and enhance memory, intelligence and the general functioning of the brain, and other aspects of mental clarity and energy, without causing any harm or damage to the body and brain itself.

By their simple definition and the set out criteria, nootropics should not be the cause of any harm. The rules for smart drugs and nootropics are simple: enhance the functionality of the brain, and do not cause any harm or damage.

Uses for Nootropics

Nootropics were developed to enhance the functioning of the brain and all of the faculty’s involved, and are taken for a wide and varied array of reasons, and these include:

Anxiety –

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand, and is something that has become common place in today’s crazy-busy world. Nootropics are a great way to help you better manage your stress, bringing about calm and relaxation, allowing you to be the best confident you, you can be.

Focus –

Focus and concentration are a must if you are going to be on top of your game, but ridding yourself and your space of distractions is not always possible. Maximizing mental performance and clarity will help keep you less districted and more focused on the task at hand.

Energy –

By releasing and optimizing the brain’s key neurotransmitters, nootropics are able to help provide a sustainable source of energy for peak physical and mental performance.

Memory –

The right nootropic supplement can make your memory an advantage in everything that you do. Helping the processing and storage of information in both the long and short-term memory functioning, nootropics will make your everyday easier.

Studying –

Through the optimization of specific key brain chemical, nootropics aid in learning and retention of information. An invaluable function and experience in this age of intense information overload or for any university student nowadays.

Mood and Motivation –

Sloth-like conditions such as depression, indifference, and apathy that impact a person’s productivity can be better managed and dealt with through the aid of nootropics. This resulting upliftment in mood is going to help you better face any and all situations presented to you.

5 Most Popular Smart Drugs and Nootropics

Of the hundreds of nootropics on the market, these 5 have been found to be the most popular among consumers, and are able to help you cope better daily, while helping you to out-perform yourself form day-to-day, shaping you to be the best version of yourself you can be.


Noopept offers users all the benefits from cognitive enhancement to neuroprotective properties, and gives users all the top-shelf benefits of any top nootropic.


Effectively improving mental performance, Modafinil is a superb wakefulness-promoting agent that helps your brain perform at its absolute most alert state.


Pramiracetam is one of the strongest nootropics on the market today, and helps improve memory and motivation, as well as a person’s ability to focus.


Effecting your mood, memory, and focus systems of the brain, Phenylalanine is an effective and efficient amino acid.


Packing with several fantastic nootropic properties, Adrafinil is a great wakefulness promoting supplement, severely increasing brain function and mental energy.

Nootropics are a great way to get on top of your life in the best way that you can. Enhancing both brain functioning and the brain’s cognitive abilities, while promoting increase mental energy and focus, they are the easiest and best way  to be the best you.