When you’re in pain, you might think that you have to go to a doctor to find any kind of relief. This is often not the case as companies like Chemmart sell paracetamol and other medications that can help with almost any kind of pain. Some of the benefits from buying medications over the counter or online aren’t what you might expect.

Most doctors will want you to visit the office before writing any kind of prescription for pain. If you get something from a retail store or pharmacy, then you don’t have to deal with going to a doctor, sitting and waiting for the doctor to see you and then waiting to have the prescription filled.

If you read the ingredients, some of the medications over the counter are the same ones that you would get from the doctor. You can control how much of the medication you take if you get it yourself. The dosage in the bottle might not be as strong when you compare one pill to another, but you can take two pills from an over the counter medication to equal the amount of one prescription medication pill.

The medications that you get at a store are often less expensive. When you go to a doctor, you will have to pay for the office visit as well as the cost of the medication. Even if you have insurance, you will probably still be responsible for at least co-pay for the doctor’s office and the medication. You can save money by purchasing pain relievers online or from a counter.

Most stores have medications with the name of the store on them, or a store brand that are less expensive than a leading manufacturing company and they work just as well. You can keep the medications in a cabinet until they are needed, and you won’t need a prescription to get more of the medication when you run out. This is one of the biggest benefits to purchasing medications from a store.

If you run out of something you need on a holiday or on a weekend, you usually have to wait until the doctor’s office opens the next business day. Stores are usually open every day, and some are open on holidays.

When you order online, you can track the order to see when it will arrive at your home, and you can store the name of the medication so that the company has it in the system when you need to order again.