Todays technology has allowed for the dental industry to grow exponentially. . Most dentists spend hours in education courses throughout the year, updating their knowledge on the latest ideas and techniques used in the office. There are new ways of doing old procedures to help minimize pain and damage and also to help you get through them in less visits to the dentist chair. Check out some of the processes available to you.

Modern Dentistry

Digital X-Rays

You can now reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to when the dentist takes x-rays with digital systems. These will take better pictures of what’s going inside your mouth and offer about the same about of exposure as a day in the sun does.

Dental Laser

This is a newer technology that helps to do some procedures much easier than before. It offers less trauma to your mouth and leads to a faster healing time for you. This process may seem frightening but your dentist will clearly explain the procedures.


Ceramic Reconstruction is a new way to get your crowns much faster than in days past. With previous technology you had to make multiple visits to get the crown on your tooth. With this new technology you can have your crown on the same day you visit, the first time. They are made of the same strong material as previous crowns but just in a quicker fashion.

Operatory Computers

In operatories you will notice more computers in the procedure area. There is new sophisticated software for dentists that help them to take care of all your dental needs. They can have all your dental history with the click of a mouse. This also helps to cut down on the time you are in the chair. With each procedure, the dentist will mark any problem areas or where certain procedures have taken place.

New Cavity Detection

With the introduction of lasers into dentistry, you can now have cavities detected before they become huge problems. Even the smallest cavity can be detected the new laser cavity software. This technology helps to get them taken care of before they become much larger problems.

Intraoral Cameras

Ever wonder what the dentist sees? Now you can see it too with the intraoral cameras that some offices are using. The office can see magnified pictures of your teeth and problem areas to show you what they see and determine what to do. This helps them to diagnose problems and for you to see what is going on.

There are great new technologies in the offices that can help you to relax and know what is going on when you are at the dentist office. More and more updates help to minimize the time you are in the chair and make it easier to get over dental procedures. Check out the office close to you that has these great advancements and learn more on how dentist offices have changed through the years. Make sure your dentist is one that is up to date on current technology and that they know new procedures to help you. You will be glad you did when you receive excellent care and a much easier dentist appointment.

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