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New Study Reveals a Relationship Between Penis Size and Fertility

A recent study claims that men with a small sized penis are less likely to reproduce. In other words, size does matter. It was discovered that men who visited a particular hospital with reproductive issues had a sex organ which appeared to be at least one size smaller than that of their counterparts who have fathered children.

According to claims made by experts, there is a positive relationship between the size of an adult male’s sex organ and his reproductive ability. It is believed that this relationship is caused by an abnormality in the levels of some sex hormones.

In a study carried out in a men’s health clinic, the penises of 815 adult males who visited the clinic for various reproductive health-related issues were measured. 219 of the patient were seeking attention for fertility problems while the other 596 sought help for testicular pain and impotence.

The penises of these men were measured using a test measurement standard known as “Stretched Penile length” which estimates the size of a penis when it is fully erect.

The findings revealed that those with reproductive problems had an average penis length of 12.5 while those without reproductive issues of any kind had a penial length of about 13.4 centimetres. The findings of this study are to be presented at the forthcoming American Society for Reproductive Medicine conference in Colorado.

According to the leader of the study, Dr Austen Slade from the University of Utah, “This is the first study to identify an association between shorter penile length and male infertility. One centimetre may not be a striking difference, but there was a clear statistical significance. It remains to be determined if different penile length cut-offs would predict more severe infertility.”

However, Sheena Lewis, from Queen’s University Belfast believes the study was not helpful as men with smaller sex organs can do little or nothing about their penis size.

Sheena said: “We give men such a bad press all the time and the one thing that scares them is that size matters. To now to say they have a smaller chance of becoming a father is not a good message.

This is also a problem you cannot find a solution to – what can you do about it? This is a very novel idea, but the study does not tell us what a normal penis length is.”

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  1. Interesting read. Made me look up on publications written by Sheena Lewis (Queen’s University Belfast). Have to agree with her though, the quote that yes it\’s a \”novel idea, but the study does not tell us what a normal penis length is.” Moreover, talks on penis size would definitely leave a huge dent in a man\’s ego, and ultimately depression would kick in. It\’s best to move forward and look at approaches for fertility betterment.


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