Neck tie

There are a number of reasons in which one must wear a tie. Many companies require a tie be worn as a part of the company dress code.

While not required, a tie is a natural choice when going for a job interview to show respect to the interviewer and to demonstrate their seriousness about their desire to obtain the position.

Another occasion in which a tie might be worn would be to complete the look of one’s wedding attire. Whatever the occasion, ties are worn to make a person stand out and make a fashion statement.

The history of ties dates back to the 17th century when the Croatian mercenaries wore them. Since then, the tie has become a fashionable clothing accessory that has appealed to many people in different hierarchies of seniority and social levels.

Ties generally make a good impression, especially when combined with the correct set of clothing such as a suit. Businessmen have been the ones who have been closely associated with the culture of wearing ties.

It has been suggested that they do so to create the necessary impression needed for the closing of business deals. It is of public opinion that the first impression you make is the most important impression and will be the one that people remember.

Choosing the right tie for the occasion

neck tie

Ties vary in style and color depending on the occasion for which it is needed. There are ties specifically for formal occasions and there are those that can be seen as ones that can be worn for informal occasions. There are three principles that can guide you in choosing the right tie for the occasion.

The tie design and color

Every tie has an outfit that it is meant to be with. The design and color of the tie can easily determine the outfit that it will go with. The danger of not matching the tie with the outfit that you are in is that it can easily send signals, which can easily affect your personality, and self esteem.

If we are not comfortable with our choice of attire, it will become obvious to everyone we encounter. In this regard, it is important to always be looking our best, so we can exude confidence.

When choosing a plain colored tie, you can wear it with just about any kind of shirt. If you choose to wear a shirt that is of the same color as the tie, you’ll want to choose a shirt that is either darker or lighter than the tie.

If you should choose to wear a tie that is patterned, you will want to stick with a solid colored shirt. It is best to try and match the color of the shirt to one of the colors in the tie.

The tie width

The tie width has been an attribute that has undergone a number of transformations over the decades. What was fashionable in the 1970s is no longer fashionable today. The latest trend has the width of the tie as little more than a thin strip of fabric.

Conventionally, the size of tie does not really matter although a move towards the slim size is more preferred. What also determines the width of the tie is the size of the lapel. If the shirt lapel is large, then the tie should match and vise versa.

Apart from the lapel, the body shape is also a factor to consider when buying a neck tie. People with broad shoulders should go for a broader tie while those with narrow shoulders should opt for a thinner tie.

The tie knot

The beauty of a tie also lies in the size of the knot that you make. The size of the knot is also a determinate to the width of the tie. There are several knots that have been developed in the course of time.

One of the knot types is the four in hand; this is also considered to be the easiest to make. There are other varieties also such as Windsor and half Windsor. The difference between these two knots is simply the difference between the sizes of the knot.

The bow tie is a type of knot that is not seen to often, but is starting to have a small resurgence in small circles. The practice of wearing ties is therefore a noble one and it creates a lasting impression.

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