Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is always a huge problem. The irresistible, strong urge to move legs together with tugging and itching can make your night living hell. There are different treatments that are available but you should try to learn all that you can about the condition in order to be able to deal with it in a proper way.

It has to be said that restless leg syndrome is a really unusual syndrome that is highly confusing. Your symptoms become worse as you try to rest more. This can easily make everything seem like an impossible thing to get over. You end up waking up really tired because of what the leg is doing during the night.

While there are not many things that are known about the disease, it is generally accepted that there are additives and chemicals that make the RLS symptoms a lot worse. Artificial chemicals like various cleaning fluids or perfumes fall in the same category.

In the event that there is a sensitivity to such products, you have to do all that you can in order to avoid them. An elimination diet can easily help you to figure out what sensitivity you have.

After being diagnosed with restless leg syndrome, it is time to use natural supplementation. That is something that is usually recommended since it does help out a lot in easing symptoms. Consider the following:


This is necessary in order to properly balance vitamins B, C and E, together with calcium. Temporary relief is offered from spasms, cramps and muscle tension. At the same time, magnesium helps you to maintain healthy bones.

You should consider taking vitamin E with magnesium since it will reduce RLS symptoms. In many cases it is believe that the condition appears because of magnesium imbalance.

Vitamin E

This antioxidant is really suitable for those suffering from the syndrome when taken right before going to bed since it will aid in maintaining proper blood circulation, will increase the effectiveness of magnesium and can aid repair skin tissue problems. At the same time, LDL cholesterol oxidation is reduced.

Folate And Iron

There are different studies that were done and that highlighted the benefits associated with taking folate and iron in people suffering from restless leg syndrome. That is because many of those suffering from the condition have deficiencies of these two supplements. It is something that is especially true when dealing with pregnant women.