Nail Care

Nails are valuable to our body and most times we miss to realize that they get no attention and become vulnerable over time. Nails can speak quite well about a person’s health and understanding those signs can save us from major trouble.

With regular attention and proper care, you can be certain of your nails strength. This does not shrink your wallet or take much of your time; the steps are easy and inexpensive.

Over time, making nail care habit will save your nails for some fun, forever. After all, you need your nails in good condition for art, don’t you? Taking good care of your nails will never hinder nail art, in fact, it will prepare your nails to withstand more.

This art is very valuable to all women, and the absence of it can drop the glamor and key element in any outfit. So if you are here, you certainly understand the sorrow of no polish that can last for long.

Read on to gear up for lifetimes worth information.


painted nailsJust like any part of your body requires nutrients to stay strong and function properly, even our nails require this more than we realize. To prevent infections and various nail issues, proteins, vitamins and minerals are much needed.

They are key requirements for adequate strength and growth. Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin H(biotin), vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 are all beneficiaries of nail health.

Under extreme cases if you need to use supplements, let it be only through the proper advice of a doctor.

Clean and dry Nails

You might be aware of the favorable conditions for fungal growth. Moist conditions are just perfect their formation and spread, so be sure that you give no chance for your hands to remain moist.

Wiping your hands with a hand towel or air drying them will remove any moistness remaining in between your nail gaps. Personal hygiene should always stay in the picture, or its absence can ruin it.

Not very clean, are they?

Regularly washing your hands

Do you wash your hands after a meal? Will that suffice?
washing nailsMaybe for that meal it should, but not for every other activity you involve in on a daily basis.

A lot of dirt can get stored up in the nail gaps and washing them off is very important for good health. Hygiene is always the priority! Ignorance of this can lead to bacteria transfer into the body and in moist conditions they can become severe infections.

Certainly most people wash their hands when dirtied, but a proper wash is what makes it worth the wash. Washing for long duration or soaking the hands in water will only make it worse. A good wash is just enough.

Nail Break

You love vacations and breaks, don’t you?
Your nails need them too!

All pretty nail designs lovers go on a nail art frenzy and have no gap between each of their art and it probably goes on until they run out of ideas.

If you have your polish on for many weeks at a stretch, hold on and give your nails some air to breathe. Giving your nails a gap of no polish will be great to regain their strength and avoid staining.

Weeks of polish can result in brittle nails because of weakness, so plan your polish breaks and you will never miss out on them.

Give-up Harsh Polishes

Harsh PolishesMany nail polishes use strong chemicals that can cause damage to a nail. The toxins rid the nails of the protective oils and make them brittle.

Avoiding brands and products that can cause such a problem will save your nails from saying goodbye to nail art. Choose products with “3 Free ” labeling, indicating that it is free from sulfonamide, formaldehyde and toluene; the three most harmful in nail products. They are as important as your skin.

Moisturize Regularly

You might have noticed that the second point about keeping the nails dry, clashes with “moisturize regularly”; let’s first clear that confusion.

It is important to keep our hands dry from extra moisture and dampness that can make your nails chip over time.

But, a moisturizer is a key to beautiful nails, it nourishes the nails with the right amount of moisture to avoid dryness but not to create a favorable condition for fungal infections.

During winter we moisturize our skin and mostly miss out on our nails, it is more important during winter to make sure we don’t forget that our nails need that moisture too.

Finding the right balance between understanding how to keep the nail dry and why to moisturize will give lasting strength to your nails.

Cuticle Care

Cuticle CareYour cuticles play an important role to avoid infection in your body. Cutting them off can invite various bacteria that can cause many problems, so it is recommended to push them back with a wooden orange stick instead of cutting. Along with your nails, the cuticles require to be moisturized too.

These 7 things are the most important to see your nails in the best possible condition and never be helplessly deprived of nail art.

Get in touch with a nail art community to always be equipped and aware of various cautions, tips and ideas for nail art. Because of the pace at which nail art is progressing, we need exposure to be on the safer side.

No matter how good we get at this art, unless the nails can take it, you can’t step further. So keep nail care before nail art for a lifetime of healthy nails.