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Mozambique: Cholera Vaccination Considered a Success

The cholera vaccination campaign that ran from 16 to 21 May in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado vaccinated at least 248,000 people against the disease, according to a report in Friday’s issue of the independent daily “O Pais”.


This is slightly more than the target figure of 247,440. The campaign was launched by the Ministry of Health, after a cholera outbreak that followed cyclone Kenneth, which hit the province on 25 April.

The vaccination campaign covered the areas where cholera was reported – the provincial capital, Pemba, and the districts of Mecufi and Metuge. The first case was diagnosed on 1 May, and since then 225 cases have been reported. None of the patients have died.

“We consider the campaign a success”, said the Cabo Delgado provincial director of health, Anastacia Lidimba. “Now we are preparing to vaccinate people with the second dose, and that will happen from 17 to 21 June”.

The National Health Institute (INS) wants to see massive coverage of the second dose to guarantee that the province will be free of cholera for the next five years.

“To block the transmission of cholera for at least five years”, said INS general director Ilesh Jani, “each person should take two doses, to guarantee not only their own immunity, but also to prevent the transmission of the cholera bacterium to others”.

He also recommended rigorous implementation of personal and collective hygiene measures to ensure the elimination of the disease in the province.


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