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Mother’s Day for Single Moms


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It’s difficult to celebrate any holiday when you are a single mom, but Mother’s day is probably the toughest holiday to celebrate, especially if the kids are too young to do anything on their own.


It will also be difficult because if you are divorced it will probably remind you of the way things used to be. Another problem might be that your kids might not be scheduled to be with you according to your agreement with you former husband.

Definitely celebrate Mother’s Day. You deserve it just as much, and maybe more, than those mothers who have a husband helping them.  It is no easy task being both the mom and the pop for your kids.

If your kids are scheduled to be with their father, see if he would be willing to swap days with you so you can have the kids on Mother’s Day. You could always offer a fair exchange Mother’s Day for Father’s Day.

If he agrees you might want to amend your agreement to state this as a regular thing. If he won’t change, celebrate on another day when the kids will be with you. Designate it as the day you and the kids will celebrate.

As the mother of your children, you deserve to be recognized this day. It may mean that you have to organize it, depending on the age of your children.

If your children are a little older, you may get them involved in helping you during the day. If they are still too young to do much of the organization there is nothing wrong with you organizing it yourself.

Because there is no other adult in the house to help organize your kids in the celebration of Mother’s Day it is important that you help guide them.

There is nothing wrong with telling them that you would like to have some time alone, if this is what you wish and it is also important that you tell them what times you would like to spend with them.

If your children are young, it is up to you to teach them the meaning of Mother’s Day. A fun thing you can with your kids is go to the library together and get a couple of books out about Mother’s Day and read them together. One of my favorite books on Mother’s Day is Ann Rockwell’s book “Mother’s Day,” but there are plenty of other ones.


Depending on how old your kids are, you could celebrate Mother’s Day several ways. Make it a no chore day for you and enlist the kids to pick up after themselves so you don’t have to. Tell them ahead of time that this will be their gift to you.

Have them bring their dishes to the kitchen counter after meals and if you happen to have a child that is old enough to load the dishwasher, then have them do that.

Or you could tell them that you plan on sleeping in and it is their job to get up quietly without disturbing you. If you do this, you might want to set up a movie date with them in the afternoon with you choosing the movie.

If your kids don’t have money of their own, this might be the time to have them tap into their creativity and talents and use what they are good at to give you a gift.

If one child is good at writing ask them to write you a poem or perhaps one of them could write you a song. If your child is adept at using iTunes, have them make a play list of your most favorite songs. Another option is to help them make a gift by crafting with them.

Why not sit down with your younger ones and work on a craft together? Although it may seem like a lot of work, think about it in terms of what you are teaching your child and how this might be something that becomes a family tradition.

This is a two-fold gift in that not only do you get the gift that was made, but you get the gift of spending some special time with your children.  One nice gift for younger kids is making a collage of all of your favorite things.

I am sure you enjoy celebrating with your children and receiving the gifts they give you, but don’t forget to take some alone time to reflect on what being a mother means to you.

What pleases you the most in being a mother and what surprises you the most? Hold yourself up and go over what you might want to change in the upcoming year.

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