Moms Need Breaks, Too!

I can’t help but smile a smile within as I watch my 16-year old pack his bags and plan for departure tomorrow. He’ll be staying at Grandma’s for about three weeks.


I need this break, and I know that I need it almost as much as I need the air that I breathe. Do I feel bad? Sure, that’s my son and I love him dearly. It isn’t as if I have three weeks to act like I’m 18 again.

My youngest son will still be here, and work doesn’t stop. But there won’t be any attitudes or arguments, he’ll be with friends and family and I can take just a small sigh of relief and eliminate a little bit of the stress.

Before you deem me worst mother of the year, think about it. Think back to the moment in time when you were a know-it-all-teenager, the attitudes that you had with your parents and how many times you said you’d love to get away from them.

Perhaps even think about your current children. ‘Getting away’ is good, even if it is from your own children. Being a mother is one of the most rewarding things that life has to offer, but it is also challenging, especially when it is the same daily routine.

If you find yourself taking snacks, drinks, magazines and at least one electronic device to the bathroom, locking the door and spending the next half hour inside hoping that no one notices you are gone or finds your location, or that you are telling your kids ‘yes’ and don’t remember it later, or if you are yelling and feel like you’re going to pull your hair out, it;s time that you had a mom-kid break.

I am going to miss him. I am going to worry about him and you better believe I’ll be on Facebook messaging and texting him every single day.

He’s 5 inches taller than me and has a goatee, but that’s still my baby and I would never be able to imagine my life without him a part of it.

The break will give us both time to revive and reinvigorate ourselves and when he gets back home I’ll have the same big smile that I’ll have when I see him leaving, with lots of hugs and kisses because life without him here just wasn’t the same.

You’re a mom, not a superhero. Stop trying to be Mrs. Incredible and take that time for yourself!

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