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Mending Some Common Hair Complaints in Summer Naturally


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Summer is the time when your tresses, if feeble, tend to suffer the most due to frizz, perspiration, and grease. In some cases, it becomes very frustrating to control and conquer these wild manes.


Fortunately, you can affordably treat them easily as well as organically, instead of relying on expensive and risky treatments. So, let’s take a look at some of the widely encountered hair issues along with their corresponding natural cures.

Damage by Sun

Just like your skin gets damaged by the sun’s UV rays, so do your manes! According to the experts, the summer sun tends to split the bonds that help in strengthening the keratin protein of the hair due to which the strands becomes weaker and the color gets faded.

So, a simple and easily affordable natural solution to prevent this damage is to cover the manes by wearing a hat. Another problem caused by the sun is dryness. WebMD suggests a naturally moisturizing conditioner for treating the sun-dried hair.

Just like the hair, even your scalp needs adequate protection from the sun that can make it burn. Experts have found some really surprising variations between the skin on the hair parts and that of the rest of the scalp. So, they suggest applying a sunscreen to that part of the scalp that is left to be exposed to the sun due to your hairstyle.

Experts also recommend using organic shampoos that are rich in antioxidant ingredients such as green tea, soy, or vitamin C. In case you observe a little damage as soon as possible, it is advisable to cover that portion instantly to avoid further damage and then have a cool shower for soothing the normal sunburn.

Split Ends

Most people are of the opinion that the UV rays are only responsible for breaking strands. However, that’s only half of the truth known! In reality, even the soaring temperatures have a negative impact on the strength-imparting bonds as well. Although the temperature may not be that high as that of a blow dryer, the generated natural heat yet has the power to drain the moisture from the manes, which finally results into breakage.

In order to deal with this damage, massaging with Moroccan oil is advisable. However, experts advises people that true damage actually is irreversible and that it can now be improved only cosmetically until those tresses grows out to be cut off.

Damage by Chlorine

Chlorine? Well, summer is the time to enjoy in swimming pools where chlorinated water is used most of the time. Although chlorine tends to purify the publicly exposed water in the pool, it has the equally opposite effect on your manes. According to Jessica J. Krant who is board-certified dermatologist, the chlorine molecules tend to oxidize the metals present in trace amounts in water.

If copper is present, it gets oxidized due to which the color of your hair changes. Chlorine can also directly damage your hair by getting trapped within. While swimming in chlorinated water, the outer layers of the hair cuticle begin to lift up after which the chlorinated water gets inside the center of the locks, making them more brittle. This is the reason why swimmers can witness more hair breaks in the summer, particularly if they are straightened or dyed.


In order to prevent such damage, the easiest remedy is to rinse your hair with water from the tap before diving. This is because the plain water binds to tresses, making it difficult for chlorine to get trapped inside. Alternatively, swimmers can also choose a leave-in conditioner that also ensures the same effect. However, if the damage is done, an organic hair mask with its weekly application can seal the cuticle and repair the damage.

Author Bio:

Amanda Holmes is a beauty expert who has been running her own home parlor in San Francisco since five years. Right now, she is researching on lasers for hair growth so that she can start offering this latest cosmetic treatment to her customers.

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