Everyone has his or her own way in choosing the means to donate to charity for many reasons. People do it for tax rebates, and others do it for moral things. However, most of the donations come from people with kind heart. Monetary donations are always on the top of the charity’s wish list. It is not mandatory that you help the poor by writing a big pay-check.

You can also help the orphanages and charities with little uniqueness and there are several options in front of you. So, if you’ve been refraining from doing any charity because you thought you can’t afford to pay money from your pockets, then think again; here are 3 ways in which, you can help the needy, without even shelling out a penny.

Help Victims by Donating Supplies

After any natural disaster, government will have 2 main objectives: first is to repair the damage and the next is to keep their country’s citizens healthy. Injuries inflicted to the people in emergency cases are difficult to treat and the real danger lies in contracting diseases after the events.

Tsunami’s, earth quakes, and other natural disasters provide seamless environment for viruses and germs to breed. Tuberculosis and cholera are common after natural disasters.

This is just because of lack of clean water, inappropriate cleaning, wound treatments, and unburied dead bodies. Simple donation of sterile gauze, antibacterial hand gel, and soap could make the difference amid life and death for the disaster survivors.

Other hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo, and menstrual pads keep people healthy and clean. Above all, just donating old clothes, blankets, and bed-sheets can make a big difference too.

Help People by Donating a Car or Old Bike

When people donate their car, they may not be informed regarding the process. Many people believe that cars that are in good condition are accepted by the charities. But the fact is, any kind of vehicle is accepted gladly by the charities.

Cars go to people who are in actual need. Veterans may need vehicle to return from their active duty, people may need real transportation from school and work or they may need vehicles for proper job search.

Your car can directly help the charity purpose itself; charity volunteers require cars so that they can go to events. Charities that accept car donations also accept added transportation vehicles. Even you may be lucky enough to get rid of your old mobility scooter, motorcycle and RV along with the car.

Educate Children and Youngsters by Contributing School Supplies

When people start thinking about the underfunded schools, they even think about the decrepit school houses, which are intended to develop nations. There are plenty of schools in United States that could use help from others.

Donating large quantities of pencils, crayons, and papers will radically help children in need. Whenever a school needs to cut spending on additional activities as well as non-academic subjects, they are always in the high priority to go, and students miss developing and expressing their creativity.

Donating Old Musical Instruments that You No Longer Use

Musical instruments and art supplies could help in keeping some of the important programs very much open to the students. However, knowledgeable volunteers will teach students about the skills, which are even more helpful. If you have passion for arts, speak with someone who can help you in getting out the talent.

You can also help children by offering them food. Pasta foods, fruits, vegetables, and rice are some of the best examples that can be purchased at the grocery shops and superstores.

Author Bio

Deborah Miguel is a women’s health writer and a philanthropist, who takes keen interest in donating charities and loves sharing high end luxury with others. She admires personalities like Liz Rehnke, and often contributes her bit to the society.