Man Up! A Guide to Looking Great as You Get Older

Seeing the signs of ageing can be quite troubling – after all, we all wish that our youthful looks will last forever.

However, you can’t ignore the fact that Hollywood is full of distinguished leading men who still look the part even though they’ve left their twenties and thirties well behind them.

Take a page out of their book and let yourself get better with age.

Care for Your Skin

One of the biggest telltale signs of the wear and tear of age is the condition of your skin. There is nothing wrong with a few laughter lines – many people consider them appealing and characterful.

However, discoloration, dryness or excess wrinkling are less attractive – but are also very easy to combat. Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen regularly.

Wash your face with a natural cleanser and moisturize daily. You’ll soon see that youthful glow returning.

Don’t Ignore Your Hair

All too often, a bad hairstyle can portray a lack of care and may make you look older than you really are.

Look for recommendations for a good barber and ask them for advice. Some people find that a longer style gives them a cool and carefree look, while others realize that a slick buzz cut brings out their best features.

Ask about facial hair too – will you look great with salt n’ pepper stubble, or will a full beard draw attention to your eyes and sharp cheekbones? A common mistake that many men make is to dye their hair.

It looks great on some, but a shade that is clearly wrong can actually make you look much older – and maybe a little insecure. Most men look great as silver foxes. Try to embrace your grey if you possibly can – you won’t regret it.


Balding is another troubling part of aging – but this can be treated. Once you notice the early warning signs, you can ask your GP or pharmacist for medication to slow down the process.

Stay Healthy

The right balance of nutrients will also work wonders for your looks. Each fruit, vegetables, calcium rich foods and plenty of natural fatty oils – as well as lean proteins.

This will keep your hair, skin, teeth and nails looking great. Exercising for at least half an hour every day will help keep you in shape and feeling great too.

Laugh More Often

Confidence and positivity are exceptionally attractive traits. Simply being a happy, friendly person who doesn’t let their worries get to them will make you extremely appealing.

Never lose your sense of humor and take time to relax as often as you can. If things are worrying you, don’t ignore it. Seek help and advice from loved ones or a therapist if you feel that you need it.

This will help you to carry yourself well and may turn you into quite the magnetic personality.

Dress Well

Take pride in your wardrobe. Look for tailored outfits that complement your build and choose colors that look great with your complexion.

Take your time and focus on the best possible outcome when choosing new items for your wardrobe or dressing for the day. This isn’t vanity – it’s important self-care.

You could even consider hiring a personal shopper; others are likely to dress you better than you would yourself, and they may make some exciting choices that you wouldn’t have considered.

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