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The pride of man is to have a long-lasting erection, and MaleExtra is a famous herbal erection medication that is created with all-natural ingredients.

This pill has proved to be effective at solving a number of problems men deal with, such as premature ejaculation, difficulty getting hard and staying hard.

While MaleExtra may be a new sex enhancement product in the market if offers amazing benefits that just may outweigh the benefits offered by some older products.

What a lot of men will like about MaleExtra is how the product combines uniquely potent natural male enhancement pills with the famous PenisHealth penis enlargement workout program.

This double action system is combined together to provide you with a harder, stronger penis and an even greater erection size.

Benefits of MaleExtra

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  1. Harder, Bigger, and fuller erections
  2. Erections that last longer
  3. Better and intense orgasms and sometimes multiple ones
  4. An increased ejaculation volume

Benefits of penis enlargement (with PenisHealth exercise program)

  1. Helps to support and maintain the sexual health of men
  2. Boosts sexual confidence
  3. These pills can help you enjoy sex more as well as improve the sexual enjoyment that your partner gets

Negative effects

No negative effects detected yet. The pills are not available in stores.

What You Get?

The MaleExtra penis pills come with different package plans from a single month’s supply an entire year’s supply. You get to save way more money by purchasing in bulk instead of just getting one bottle or two bottles.

As a bonus, you get the PenisHealth (Online and DVD penis enlargement exercise guide). The shipping plan for this product is a very discreet one. A customer gets free shipping with 3 packs or more.

You also get some bonus bottles of the MaleExtra product, with the purchase of at least 3 packs and above, so that’s a real saving. Something else MaleExtra offers is a 67-day money-back guarantee which is great. That means you get a full refund of your money if you’re not satisfied with the outcomes.

Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients used in the making of MaleExtra work hand-in-hand to boost your libido, to increase the strength of your erections, increase your sexual drive and also your sexual performance.

The benefits of using MaleExtra come primarily from the active ingredients which have the following as part of it:


The major ingredient that attracts the most attention is the pomegranate. A lot of people strongly believe that the forbidden fruit talked about in the Bible was never actually an apple. The fruits they believe it was is the pomegranate.

Amongst the famous fruits in the planet Pomegranates is one that has been both cultivated and consumed since ancient times. This fruit originally originates from areas that are located Today’s Iraq and Iran.

The pomegranate fruit tree produces red and voluptuous seeds, but it is the delicious inside of this fruit that holds the magic to boost your libido.

This fruit that has been found to be effective at improving the hardness of erection and sex drive, does the job by increasing the blood levels of Nitric Oxide. Something else It is used for is the treatment of heart disease.

The pomegranate is one fruit that almost everyone who has tasted ends up liking it. People like to eat this fruit, but it shouldn’t be taken in higher concentrations unless you want it to become a powerful tool against a condition like erectile dysfunction.

No doubt men are attracted to this one ingredient as it has proven to stimulate a much harder erection and increase sex drive.

This fruit is combined with different other MaleExtra ingredients that are specially designed to increase the flow of blood to the groin region to help you achieve a stronger, harder erection.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama

Even though the name might be somewhat difficult to pronounce, the Muira Puama — also known as“potency wood” — is arguably one of the most effective natural remedies for individuals who have dealt with a loss of libido.

The Muira Puama is generated from a plant that is originally from the Amazon rainforest of South America, it is proteins because it contains some elements of Direct libido enhancers in high concentration. One of the most powerful elements of the plant is the alkaloid known as Muira Puama.

One of the most prominent elements that can be found in this plant is the alkaloid called Muira Puamine. This is the alkaloid that is majorly responsible for causing an increased sexual arousal and potency in men who consume the substance.

While some people may think that this plant is a food product, it is actually more of a supplement. However, despite Muira puama being a supplement, it remains one of the most effective aphrodisiacs that are available in today’s market.

In some scientific studies, it has been revealed that this plant produces an increase in libido for a lot of men and it also helps some meant to achieve longer erections.

This herbal ingredient also helps to increase blood flow in a man sex organ which would result in powerful erections and increased sexual stamina.


L-Arginine is another active ingredient that plays a major role in aiding the production of Nitric oxide in a person’s body while increasing the flow of blood for harder and longer erections.

The Epimedium Sagittatum ingredient is another one that has been revealed to increase blood flow to a person’s penis.

The Epimedium Sagittatum is made with ingredients that are completely natural and have been tested for effectiveness at improving the libido, increasing energy to the body, or increasing the flow of blood to the groin area.

These are the three things that allow men to develop harder erections that can last for a long time, while they also sustain sexual activities for longer. This is made possible by increased energy in the body overall.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are very common, so it is no surprise that you may know about them. The MaleExtra formula contains omega 3 fatty acids as well as flaxseeds to help with increasing libido and sexual desire.

On the other hand, ingredients like Maca and L-Methionine are added to MaleExtra to increase energy in the body of a man, for the purpose of improving stamina during intimate encounters.

Tongkat Ali

Another ingredient that can be found in MaleExtra is Tongkat Ali. This ingredient is known to increase t-levels in a person’s body and can also help with fixing sexual dysfunction problems.

These ingredients are some that can go a long way to help with every aspect of sexual intercourse I.e from getting a penis erect and hard to maintain an erection long enough for full sexual satisfaction, down to the overall prostate health and also energy levels.

All these amazing effects have primarily been accredited to the intensifications in a man’s t-levels. The outcome of a research trial that was carried out in Malaysia in the year 2012 featured seventy-six men, of whom about thirty-five percent only, had what is considered a normal t-level.

After an entire month of supplementing with Tongkat Ali, the number of male participants in the group that had normal t-levels increased to over ninety percent.

Maca Root Extract

Maca has some undeniable sexual benefits for both men and women. Some scientific studies have even revealed that the maca root has a positive effect on the level of endurance, as well as energy levels.

Maca is a root that works in different ways to contribute to an invigorating libido and blooming libido increasing.

On account of Maca’s health-giving material, the supplement not only resuscitates a person’s whole body, but it also raises your t-levels and improves sex drive; all of these qualities are strongly accredited to the unexcelled substances that the Maca root holds, known as macaenes and macamides.

These substances help to intensify the circulation of blood which in syndication with cause a boost in libido, thus enabling men to conquer sexual problems associated with erection

Required Dosage

As the instruction clearly states, the recommended daily dosage for MaleExtra is 3 pills.

What are the Side Effects?

MaleExtra may or may not cause side effects as it is not exactly different from taking any herbal product or dietary supplement that you are used to.

MaleExtra contains many natural ingredients that appear to be harmless to consumers, but which may cause side effects in some individual.

Ensure that you consult with a doctor before you start taking this supplement if you are dealing with any of the medical conditions below:

  1. Plant Allergies
  2. Aspirin Sensitivity
  3. High Blood Pressure

Once again, we advise that you check with a qualified doctor if you have dealt or are currently dealing with any medical concerns.

If you think that ant of the ingredients we have discussed above may have some interaction with whatever prescription medications you are taking, also consult your doctor.

Nevertheless, most men can use MaleExtra without noticing any form of side effects, but because each person reacts differently to medications and supplement, it is advised that you are careful and read instructions for use thoroughly.