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Is Male Menopause a Thing?

The term menopause doesn’t only typically relate to women, and it also refers to men as well. Yes, there is something known as male menopause. So guys, let’s talk.

What exactly is male menopause and what does it entail? Well, it is not exactly a legit term in the medical world; however, it does happen to men the same way it happens to women as well.

Male menopause refers to the specific changes that occur in men who are 50years and above. These changes are similar to what women experience even during their menopause.

According to Dr Damian Sendler who happens to be an expert in sexology, he says that for women, their main female cycle comes from the control of estrogen. This means that it is basically estrogen that controls their female cycle.

This production of estrogen begins to diminish after they reach the age of 45 years and eventually at the age of 55years, the woman’s estrogen levels become very low.

The consequences of menopause that women begin to notice are hot flashes, low libido, sweating, dryness of the vagina, as well as poor quality and texture of the skin. For men, they would experience the same symptoms; however, it won’t be in the equal measure at which women experience theirs.

What then are the symptoms men should be expecting once they reach the age of their male menopause? One of the symptoms men would experience unfortunately are difficulties in bed and sometimes low libido.

Asides this, they would have a compromised appearance. Men mostly lose their hair, have difficulty in urinating, as well as they are at high risk of having cancer. According to Dr Sendler, men would also have reduced skin quality as well as they would always look tired.

Below is a list of possible symptoms that as a Man you should expect if you are going through male menopause.

1. Enlarged prostate:

Usually, when men reach their mid-50s,they would most likely experience a swollen prostate. This swollen prostate can lead to the development of many of the unpleasant menopause symptoms that you can find.

The size of the prostate gland is usually regulated by androgens using a specific conversion product of testosterone named 5-DHT. Dr Damian says that via little mechanisms, there will be fluctuations in the level of DHT being produced and these fluctuations can cause the production of DHT to become increased hence the prostate starts to swell and grow in size even after the age of 45.

Once your prostate gland becomes swollen, it can cause you difficulties when you want to control your pee when you are urinating. As time goes on, due to the changes in the size of your prostate gland, you won’t be able to hold your pee for an extended period.

This is the reason why it seems that as men age, they tend to be leaky and unable to control their pee.

2. Reduced libido and changes in one’s sex life:

Due to the onset of male menopause, your sexual performance can be severely affected. You will get difficulties in having an erection, and even if you do eventually have an erection, it may not be long-lasting at all.

According to Dr Sendler, there is a decrease in a man’s physical strength when the man attains menopause. The part of the nervous system and the brain that controls erecting and is responsible for maintaining an erection is severely impaired due to the malfunctioning of the levels of testosterone.

As a person grows older, the heart function declines hence the heart can’t work effectively with older age. This can cause a strain and take a toll in the bedroom. Think of the heart as a pump or like a car’s engine. As the vehicle grows older, the engine becomes a less effective pump.

Thus, when the pumping mechanism of the heart becomes less functional, it becomes weaker. When it becomes weaker, the force that is needed to push blood out from the heart into the spongy tissues of the penis will be diminished.

For effective performance and erection in the bedroom, you will need lots of blood flow into the tissues of the penis which the heart can’t pump effectively due to age. All of these problems will contribute to having a reduced performance in the bedroom, delayed ejaculation as well as issues with erection.

Well, there is good news though. You can actually treat male menopause. You can also manage the symptoms and minimise the symptoms. The most common drugs that are used to treat male menopause include treatments which are used to reduce the prostate gland.

Medications used to decrease the prostate includes five alpha reductase inhibitors. The function of this drug is to cause the enlarged muscles of the prostate to decline. Some men who have difficulties in the bedroom make use of drugs such as viagra, but it is not advisable to use. If you must use viagra, then you must consult your doctor before use.

Asides the use of medications, you can also decide to go for more physical exercise uses. Exercises have been seen to help increase one’s strength and stamina. In doing this, your sexual power also is preserved as well as increased.

In order to increase your sexual strength through exercise, you might need to go for a jog, a walk, or any other non-stressful physical workout that you may need. But you must ensure not to overdo it in order not to over stress your body and heart.

In many cases, one of the first things that occur when your prostate is enlarged is the tubular opening of your prostate would become so tight and constricted, and this would lead to a restricted flow of urine.

The symptoms one would notice if your prostate is enlarged includes:

  1. When you have finished peeing, you might have the feeling that you are not yet done emptying your bladder
  2. You would always have the feeling of peeing every 2 hours.
  3. While urinating, you would always start and stop without having the feeling that you are completely done.
  4. You won’t be able to hold your pee.
  5. While urinating, you would notice that you have a weak stream flow of urine
  6. You may need always to push and stain your penis while urinating.
  7. You may often be waking up at night to urinate.
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