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Malawi: Germany Commits to Improve Malawi Health Sector – Ambassador Tours Ndirande


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German Ambassador Jurgen Borsch has assured Malawi of his government’s total support to improve on the standards of health centres in order to ensure good health service delivery in the country.


Germany ambassador being briefed at Ndirande health centre Germany ambassador tour Ndirande health centre Germany ambassador tour Ndirande health centre.

The ambassador said this during a visit to Ndirande Health Centre on Sunday morning.

Speaking in interview after touring the health centre, Borsch said the Germany government is set to improve on the health services delivery especially in health centres so as to reduce congestion in government health facilities especially in maternity and children wards.

He applauded workers at Ndirande health centre for working very hard giving out their best in their job.

“I came to appreciate some of the challenges this health centre is encountering and I have seen that they need our support in other areas which we will assist,” he said.

“It is the Germany government wish to do a lot in the health sector for the benefit of Malawians,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Defence, who is also the Member of Parliament for Ndirande, Chipiliro Mpinganjira applauded the Germany ambassador for the improvement in the country’s heath services.

“They have assured us of support and infact they will start with providing solar electricity. This will enable the health centre to continue working properly even during blackout,” said Mpinganjira.

The District Health Oficer for Blantyre, Dr Gift Kawalazira said Ndirande Health Centre serve more than 2000 people.


“There is also a need to upgrade this health centre to a community hospital because it serves people as far as from Mbayani and Makhetha,” said Kawalazira.

He said the health centre also requires a power backup and lobbied the Germany government for assistance.

Source: AllAfrica.com

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