One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves is to make sure that we remain healthy. You might not believe this, but you don’t need medicine all the time to accomplish this.

There are all sorts of options available to us if we want to do anything from keeping our skin healthy to dealing with various conditions and even to deal with stress in a more healthy way. Here is a quick look at some of the things that you can do to have a healthier life:

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is important. It is our first line of defense against all sorts of germs and bacteria. It is also very visible to anyone around you. We work hard to make sure that our skin isn’t too dry, red, or irritated. One way to accomplish that is to get skin care treatments.

Various facial treatments can be had that are filled with top of the line ingredients that will hydrate, cleanse, and nourish the skin. Facials can also be customized in case you have specific skin concerns that you want to address. Things like rosacea, aging, acne, and even pigmentation can all be dealt with by using the right facial treatment.

Bone Spurs

Have you had to deal with a painful bone spur? Many times, these spurs can be found in the heel of the foot. Yes, you can go to a doctor to get treatment for it, but why? You can do just as much at home and not have to deal with a doctor. All you need is a bit of apple cider vinegar.

By soaking your foot two times a day for 10 minutes in the vinegar mixed with water, you can ease the pain associated with a heel spur. It helps because it pulls some of the extra calcium deposits that cause the spur away from your heel bone. It also works to reduce the pain and inflammation in that area.


If you want to stay healthy, diet is important. When you eat the right amounts of the right foods, you will be making sure that you live a life that is healthier and longer. Many illnesses, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes, can be controlled and even prevented just by making sure that you eat right. Make sure that you get all of the nutrients that your body needs, like iron and calcium. Also, make sure that you keep your weight at a level that is healthy.

Herbal Apothecary

Did you know that you can manufacture your own medicines by using an herbal apothecary? Yes, you can make your medicine right in the comfort of your own kitchen if you understand a few ancient techniques and have the herbs to use. Plants have been used by humans in order to survive since before the dawn of written history.

Even now, a quarter of the drugs that are made in the US are based on plants. Plants are complex, chemically speaking. They can have actions that are quite dramatic or gentle. If you are going to make your own medicine using plants, you need to be responsible.


If you don’t have a clue about aromatics, they are derived from plants… specifically, from the parts of a plant that contain those volatile essences that give off a certain smell that can invoke a change spiritually, energetically, emotionally, mentally, or physically.

There are many reasons for people to use aromatics too. They can reduce stress as well as the energetic, mental, emotional, and physical impacts of it. They can be used to bring your spirits up when you are feeling down. Aromatics are also used to improve mental clarity and concentration.

If you need to get balanced and remain so, aromatics are helpful for that too. They can also improve your sleep and relieve things like tension, stiffness, joint and muscle aches. Aromatics can also support proper functioning of the respiratory system.

Some people even use aromatics to refresh and deodorize. We talked about skin care earlier. There are some people who use aromatics to support and promote healthy skin and as a way to address some of the more common skin conditions, like wrinkles, acne, oiliness, and dryness.