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Maintain a Healthy Gut with a Good Lifestyle

A healthy gut is very important for our body. If there is a problem inside your gut, it will affects your health overall. You have to maintain a healthy gut to get an optimum body and mind health. Here are the healthy lifestyles that you should practice to promote a healthy gut.
Healthy Gut

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Take a probiotic supplement

You can take a daily probiotic supplement to help you boost the good bacteria. In your gut, it has the useful bacteria to keep the gut healthy and functioning normally. The good bacteria are also helping you to have a good immune system and avoid digestive issues. You can refer to the pharmacist about what is the recommended probiotic supplement for you. It is important to seek for consultation so you will not having any allergies with the probiotic that you consume.

Have some probiotic whole foods

If you love to have yogurt or any fermented food, it is good news for your gut. If you want to know more about probiotic whole food, here are your options. You can try kimchi, tempeh, tofu, miso soup, microalgae and sauerkraut. Probiotics-rich food helps to keep the good bacteria give the good service in your gut. Avoid probiotic food that contain vinegar or vinegar-based because it can kill the good bacteria. Try the plant based prebiotic whole food like raw onions, garlic, bananas and artichoke in you daily menu.

No more late night eating

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You have to know that your gut need to rest from digestion. If you eat continuously until late night, you are forcing your gut to work excessively. You have to eat at the right time in the morning, afternoon and evening. You can have a small snack or tea time between. Let your gut rest and it will be ready to digest again in the next day normally.

Drink enough water

If you don’t have enough water in your body that means you are not hydrating your body well. Half of your bodyweight is water. It is recommended to drink 6 to 8 glass of water every day. You should drink more if you are a sportsman or sweating a lot while you are working. If you have enough water in your body, it will help the bacteria and waste in your digestive system to move. This will help to avoid constipation and bloating in your stomach.

Avoid sugar and processed food

If you can’t avoid it completely, you can lessen the intake. You definitely agree that too much sugar and processed food is not good for your health. The specific target is your gut. Bacteria loves sugar and too much of it will cause you a stomachache.  If you love something sweet in your daily food, there are other good options like fruits and honey. Try to have apples for you snack, or instead of sugar, you can add honey in your juice or beverage. Fruits and honey are not only healthy, but it also has a lot of health benefits for your body.

Stress management

If your gut is unhealthy, it will affect you emotionally. It will give you a chronic stress and your digestion will be slowing down. A stressful mind can’t help the digestion to functioning properly. It is advised to get a good mind health and a stress management in order to promote a healthy gut. You can try to do yoga at home, or get a weekly body massage. If you can manage your stress, you are definitely eliminating the factor that causes your gut including you to be unwell.

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