Lyme Disease

If you have had Lyme disease, you may have scratched your head in puzzlement wondering where you encountered a tick that transmitted this disease to you through an undetected bite. Most victims never see the tick, even if it had been attached to their body for days.

Lyme disease is treatable, even in its worsened states. However, it can cause life-threatening complications. Having the best doctors on hand should be a huge strategy on your part in fighting back against Lyme disease.

As Lyme disease has several frightening symptoms and each individual responds to the disease differently, being able to see a doctor after hours without long emergency room waiting periods will definitely cut back on your stress and help you recover from this disease. You may want to consider concierge medicine in addition to your health insurance.

This article will examine a complication caused by Lyme disease while considering the pros and cons of having a concierge health care plan.

Knowledge is power:

Before we delve into this subject in finer detail, one should know how to avoid getting Lyme disease. You probably already know that Lyme disease is carried from a tick bite that enters our blood stream. Ticks become carriers after biting a deer or mouse that has Lyme disease.

Although nothing in life is guaranteed, there are some preventative actions you can take to lower your chances of being infected. If you often walk through tall grass or wooded areas be sure to wear proper clothing like high boots and hunting type clothing. Also, check with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to get geographic data that shows where Lyme disease is most common and avoid those areas if possible.

Potential complications:

Lyme disease can cause some serious heart problems. In a study conducted by physicians and published in The Canadian Journal of Cardiology, Lyme disease is closely related to heart problems.

The research concludes that the cardiac complications of Lyme disease typically occur in the early phase and include conduction system disturbances, myopericarditis and congestive heart failure. The research also revealed that up to 8% of victims suffer from cardiac problems after exposure.

Further Prevention:

It is ironic that a walk in the name of good health could actually cause some serious medical conditions. By carrying a supplemental health care solution with your normal health care plan you will be in the best possible situation to fighting diseases like this one, or any other types of illnesses that hide their faces in our world.

This is due to the fact that concierge medicine offers doctor/patient relationships that are much more in depth than a quick traditional office visit. The quality of the care is significantly better.

The truth about concierge health care:

Concierge health care may not be for everyone, but with ongoing changes being made to health insurance plans and the benefits that seem to vanish year by year, more and more people are using concierge health care services.

Although the service was at one time an expensive luxury, it is now incredibly affordable. People pay about the same price for concierge health care that they spend on their Internet and cable TV bill. However, these plans don’t accept health insurance.

In essence, you pay a low annual fee, but get high-end service that includes same-day appointments, house calls, and 24/7 access to your doctor’s phone number. This service truly offers peace of mind to those who face health scares. After all, nobody wants to wait around to be treated when facing a serious health problem.

Is it right for you?

Be sure to do your own research and weigh the pros and the cons. Although concierge medicine is a fast-growing service, it may not be right for everyone. But be sure that when you look at the plan, you ask yourself this simple question: “based on the facts, if I ever get Lyme disease or any threatening illness, would I feel like I made a good decision in either passing up or signing on to concierge health care”?