Heart Attack

Cholesterol levels affect the functioning of heart in human body and thus it is important to know about the bad effects caused by the high cholesterol (LDL) and the good effects caused by the good cholesterol (HDL).

Increased bad cholesterol (LDL) leads to cardiovascular diseases and ends in heart attacks and strokes. By improving the good cholesterol level, you can enjoy an overall wellbeing with a boosted energy level. It automatically helps you cut down the bad cholesterol as well.

It is good to decide to what extent you have to cut down your cholesterol, based upon the cardiovascular risk factors that you may have like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. In such cases the degree of risk is great and you have to take necessary steps to lower cholesterol.

Regular intake of certain varieties of food help you a lot in pushing out your cholesterol to the expected range and thus could save from the awaiting health disasters.

Does taking food with soluble fiber helps?

Food like oatmeal contains a lot of soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which pushes the cholesterol out and helps this way in reducing the cholesterol level. Moreover, it helps liver in producing bile and thus enhancing the control of LDL.

Beans and barley too contain a lot of fiber which acts like a sponge in absorbing cholesterol. All fiber products which are rich in psyllium are recommended for lowering the high cholesterol. Apple like fruits and nuts like almond and walnuts are all-time favorites for the reduction of cholesterol and they prove beneficial in the long run.

Their calorie value should be taken into consideration that they cannot be consumed in huge quantities, but only handful a day. Fruits and vegetables are always good with their antioxidants which are healthy for heart.

Why not to take food with saturated fat?

Eggs and meat which contain more of saturated fat can be avoided and you can switch over to food items that contain smart fats. You can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil and butter. Fish and fish oil are very good options in this matter as they contain lots of Omega-3 fatty acids which improve good cholesterol level and cut down the bad one.

Among the plant products, flax seeds and soy beans contain much of Omega-3 and prove good for heart. One can go with food products made of soy beans such as tofu and fermented soy milk which is a healthy option and are therefore also known as cholesterol lowering diets.

Green tea is also helpful in this way since it is capable of controlling LDL level. Moderate drinking is recommended as a regular habit to cut down high cholesterol.

Do I need to do regular exercises?

Regular exercise like 45 minutes walk per day is highly beneficial in absorbing the cholesterol and toning of the body. The heart pumps normally and the ill effects of high cholesterol are lessened. You can even help yourself in getting a fast weight loss with this, which is also beneficial for your cholesterol control.

It all depends upon our diet and physical activities which can help you make a schedule to maintain your cholesterol levels. Only, in cases of acutely increased levels of high cholesterol, medication is prescribed and the follow up is considered essential. Otherwise, your health is in your hands with your dietary plans and regular habits.