You can lose weight in a number of ways. But you must consider changing your diet and food habits to lose weigh naturally by reducing calorie intake. You can easily include a variety of weight loss friendly foods in your regular diet to burn additional calories without skipping meals. Some of the weight loss friendly foods will further provide your body with protein and healthy fats without causing calorie surplus.

But there are many people who failed to lose weight despite making their regular diet weight loss friendly.
A number of studies have shown that an individual has to maintain the perfect calorie balance to lose weight naturally and quickly. Also, the calorie level differs from one individual to another. Each individual must create the right calorie deficit to maintain the perfect calorie balance on a regular basis. Hence, often people find it daunting to create the exact calorie deficit through food intake. When you decide to lose weight through dieting it become essential to avoid a number of common dieting mistakes.

7 Reasons Why You May Not Lose Weight despite Making Your Diet Weight Loss Friendly

1) Not Making Your Diet Flexible
While making changes to your regular diet, you must explore ways to burn calories while providing adequate energy to the body and improving metabolism. You can easily lose weight over a longer period of time by opting for flexible dieting. Flexible dieting will enable you to consume your favourite items more moderately. The moderate food consumption will provide your body with the energy required to survive, without causing calories surplus. However, you still need to monitor the calorie intake continuously, and maintain the perfect calorie balance required to lose weight consistently.

2) Eating Too Little Food

While making the diet weight loss friendly, many people focus on skipping meals or eating too little food. But you must remember that your body needs adequate energy to grow and function properly. As you reduce the food intake, the body does not get the energy required to survive. The lack on energy further makes the body drawing energy from muscles. The process results in decrease in muscle mass and related hormones. The decreasing muscle mass will keep the fat mass levels lower. Hence, you cannot lose weight by skipping meals or eating too little food.

3) Consuming More Calories and Carbohydrates

Many people think weight loss friendly foods are low calorie. Hence, they include a variety of weight loss friendly foods in their regular diet. But most of these food items contain a higher amount of protein and healthy fat despite being low in calories. When a person eats food items like nuts on a regular basis or in high quantities the calorie increases significantly. Likewise, an individual must n carbohydrates in low quantities to lose weight gradually. You must assess the calorie content of individual weight loss friendly foods, and eat the food items in right quantity to maintain the perfect calorie balance.

4) Not Drinking Lots of Water

When you decide to lose weight through dieting, it becomes essential to avoid sugary and alcoholic beverages. At the same time, you must drink a lot of water on a regular basis to accelerate the weight loss process. A number of studies have shown the effectiveness of water in burning more calories by boosting metabolism. You must drink 8 to 10 glasses of water on a daily basis to make your diet more effective. You can even make it a practice to drink water throughout the day, and even consider eating detox water diet containing fruits and vegetables.

5) Not Sleeping Properly

You can easily boost your physical and mental health by sleeping adequately. A number of studies have shown that poor sleep often led to obesity. A good sleep will help you to avoid eating late-night snacks, while burning more calories and promoting fat loss. At the same time, a good sleep will further help you to feel energetic in the morning, and reduce the negative impact of stress. Hence, you must take adequate rest to make your dieting more effective in losing weight.

6) Not Making Your Lifestyle Stress-Free

A number of studies have shown how stress leads to weight gain. Often negative impact of stress makes it difficult for people to lose weight despite eating weight loss friendly foods. When a person feels stressed, he starts carving for comfort foods. The comfort foods often result in body fat accumulation. Hence, you must make your lifestyle stress-free to make the weight loss friendly diet more effective. You can always practice simple relaxation techniques like meditation or listening to soothing music to eliminate the negative impact of stress or tension, and lose weight naturally through dieting.

7) Not Exercising Consistently

You can make changes to your regular diet to reduce calorie intake. But you must burn calories on a regular basis to convert the calorie surplus into calorie deficit. You can burn more calories quickly and easily by performing a variety of exercises consistently. Based on your lifestyle and work schedules, you have option to choose from an array of weight loss workouts. If you have adequate free time, you can consider hitting the gym on a regular basis. Otherwise, you can opt for boot camp workouts to burn more calories by exercising rigorously for 60 minutes.

You cannot accelerate the weight loss process simply by making your diet weight loss friendly. It is also important to complement the weight loss friendly diet with consistent workout and stress-free lifestyle. Also, you have several options to lose weight effectively through diet. Have you tried any specific food items to lose weight naturally? Please share your personal experience with us.

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