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Feed Dog Fresh Ingredients

5 Ways To Feed Your Dog Fresh Ingredients

Just like their owners, dogs need to eat a variety of good foods to grow big and strong and stay healthy. But sometimes dogs...
Herbalife Shakes

How to Mix Up Your Daily Routine with Herbalife Shakes 

Give Meal Replacements a Fair Shake  Protein shakes are a hit amongst athletes and everyday people alike and for very good reason. Not only are...
Morning Routine

Tips for Creating the Perfect Morning Routine

Early bird or night owl, establishing a morning routine is a great way to set a positive tone for the day, giving us a...

10 Amazing Christmas Facts You Didn’t Know

Christmas is here again, and we have put some fantastic Christmas facts together for you to learn this season. You will be amazed at...
Sanitary Napkins

Be Aware When You Throw Sanitary Napkins

The ever growing menstrual waste is a menace to combat by most municipal bodies, be it for rural or urban areas. Sanitary waste disposal is...

Five LGBT-friendly Destinations for a Winter Break

When travelling as a member of the LGBT community, there are some countries which can be somewhat off limits as a result of non-progressive...
funny ethnic kid eating pasta during lunch with grandmother

3 Surprising Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy habits like exercising regularly, avoiding harmful activities, and eating plenty of nutritious foods are always recommended by doctors and life gurus. But have you...
Improve Your Smile

3 Ways to Improve Your Smile

Back in the day, taking a picture or video was a whole production. You had to load the film, check the camera’s batteries, and...
How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Arthritis

How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Arthritis

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease characterized by the swelling of joints. The swelling often leads to tenderness and joint pain. Arthritis is known to...

Complete Perfection Is Not Even Close To What it Used to be?

The old adage of abstinence which is believed to be the key to staying alcohol and drug free is hardly the most successful successful...
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