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Liberia: CHAL Dedicates Drug Depot in Bong County

The Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) has dedicated a drug depot in Melekie Town in Bong County District #3.CHAL was founded in 1975, by four Christian health facilities for the purpose of jointly procuring and distributing medicines and supplies in the Country.


Speaking at the dedicatory ceremony of the drug depot recently, CHAL Executive Director Patricia Kamara said the project is intended to provide quality medicines and medical supplies at affordable prices to contribute to universal health coverage in Liberia, especially the central region. Madam Kamara stresses the importance of having such structure in Bong County because it will help to provide the necessary services that citizens need.

“For too long, we have seen our people suffered for quality medicines especially in the bucolic [rural] parts of the Country, that’s why we have come to let them suffer no more,” she says.

According to Madam Kamara, the drugs will be sold both to retailers and wholesalers, explaining further that CHAL’s intention is to ensure available and affordable drugs for all.She recalls that CHAL’s first drug supply unit operated up until the 1990s, but it became dormant during the civil war here.

Additionally, the Christian organization is at the same time calling on the government of Liberia to do justice to the health system by introducing the drug revolving program to run in public facilities across the country.CHAL reveals that from its experience, the drug revolving program prevents stock outs and prevents expiration of drugs.

Madam Kamara adds that the drug revolving program increases trust in health facilities because of the availability of essential medicines.Some participants who attended the dedication ceremony of the drug depot in the county lauded the Christian organization for the initiative.

Gbarnga City Mayor Madam Lucia Herbert describes the gesture as life saving, extending commendations to the Christian Health Organization for their initiative.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong-Edited by Winston W. Parley



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