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Level 3 Qualifications Requirement for Personal Trainers


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A personal trainer is a fitness expert that guides people in reaching their physical or health fitness goals. A level 3 qualification equips you with diverse knowledge and skills relating to fitness. It distinguishes you from the usual practitioner to an expert capable of understanding the science behind various exercises.


Level 3 Qualifications Entry Requirements

You should be 16 years of age and above and have successfully passed the Level 2 Personal Trainer Qualification. Your personal physical fitness is also essential as level 3 personal trainer training might involve various rigorous exercises.

Upon successful completion, the trainer gains access to the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs). With a level 3 qualification you get to know about;

  • The human anatomy and physiology
  • Developing and implementing your training program
  • Principles of nutrition
  • Career ethics
  • Fitness resources.

Some institutions provide an online study manual that a learning personal trainer can use in acquiring skills. It often has review questions to help the trainer understand the theory content better as they prepare for the final exam. This exam can still be done online within a specified time or the learner may sit for it in the institute. Some of the packages in Level 3 qualification include:

Personal Training Diploma Course: it has 8 modules that ensure learners become better goal setters, efficient in client understanding, career improvement and much more.

Personal Training Certificate Course: this course can also be studied online after provision of the necessary learning material and also has the final exam.

There is a need for you as a trainer to seek a certification that proves your dedication to your career from qualified expert trainers. Clients are more likely to gain confidence in you if they know you possess accreditation in your practice.

In most cases, a personal trainer has to work alone and should, therefore, be cautious in evaluating their program, and seek always to make it better to meet the client’s expectations.

Employment Opportunities


There is a vast market for employment after completing the level 3 certification in personal training. They include:

  • Professional athletes: these are individuals who compete in sports at a local, national or international level. They require a personal trainer that helps them stay fit and continuously progress to become better performers. With a level 3 certification, you are a very eligible personal trainer who can mentor them to greater success in their sports.
  • Celebrities: these are people often famous after recognition by a majority of the public for something they did or own. Some of them would like to have a different physique or maintain their current one to keep their identity. They require a personal trainer to ensure they achieve that goal, and a level 3 qualification will help such clients have faith in your program.
  • Business people: some people get so busy that they hardly ever get time for some fresh air. In their very few free hours, most seek a personal trainer to help them exercise into good health. A level 3 qualification will give you an advantage over your peers before such individuals who prefer working with a professional.
  • Organizations: this may be a private group, institute or facility that requires the services of a trainer to help their employees or clients achieve physical fitness. Some may be recovering from traumatic incidents and need a qualified trainer who can train them with ease and success. Some may be teams getting ready for an expedition and need to have their bodies stretched and flexible for the oncoming task. A level 3 qualification ensures that you can effectively exercise such clients.
  • Ordinary citizens: this is a society member that wants to get to know how much they can alter their bodies for the better as they have a good time.


The above list is not entirely conclusive, and a personal trainer should be ready to work in a confined space, a beach or even in the wild depending on the client’s desire. It’s very fulfilling as a personal trainer to know that you have given so many smiles into people’s lives.

For more information about getting your level 3 qualifications and how you can become a Personal Trainer with Origym check out their website. Whether you are beginning your career, searching for a career change or, you want to give it a go, getting your Level 3 qualifications is the beginning of a bright career path as a personal trainer.

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